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Want to be the next Pitmaster in the summer? This is our central hub of content on BBQ smokers. Come here if you want to see the latest published information about barbecue smokers.

From buying guides, to how to’s, we’ve got you covered when it comes to smokers.

Below are 7 different types of smokers click through the images to find out more information on each topic. 

Best BBQ Smokers

1. Electric Smokers

Electric smokers use wood chips, water, and a heating element to produce smoke rather than an open flame. The lack of combustion gives the smoke a much more unique flavor as opposed to the charcoal ones. As far as the ease of use is concerned, electric smokers are best for beginners.You can set the smoker to your preferred settings, such as the amount of heat and duration of time to smoke. Electric smokers also tend to be cheaper than traditional smokers with added functionality. 

2. Pellet Smokers

Pellet smokers are a hybrid of all the different charcoal, gas, and kitchen ovens to create a combined smoker fueled by wood pellets that smoke, grill, and even bake.

Pellet smokers use an electronic panel to automatically feed fuel pellets such as wood chips or sawdust to combust for smoke and heat into a firepot. One of the main benefits of using a pellet smoker is that the pellets are made of ground hardwood, using wood, which gives your food that distinct smoky flavor.

Pellet smokers also came as high-end smokers with WiFi and remote control.

3. Charcoal Smokers

The most common type of smokers you will find, the charcoal smokers, smoke the food over indirect, low heat for a long time. You can adjust the temperature with inbuilt dampers that control the airflow.One of the best charcoal smokers is the Weber Smokey Mountain 18 inch Smoker. With a space-saving design, the smoker’s ergonomic design aids in comfortable, easy set-up and usage. The smoker features a slim design that makes it easy to store. This device also includes a large water bowl placed right above the coals, regulating the internal temperature properly—the water pan doubles as a safety tray for collecting all the facts which may cause a fire.

4. Gas smokers

Gas smokers provide a consistent cooking temperature with no smoke. Most gas smokers use propane as their heating source, while some use natural gas. You can also use wood chunks and chips in the gas smokers to give your food that smoky flavor.With all features considered, one of the best smokers in the market today is the Pit Boss 77435 vertical smoker. This gas smoker cooks your food at a low yet, controlled temperature with a heavy-gauge steel wood tray and a water pan, which helps you infuse food with flavors of your preference. It’s easy to set up and comes with fully adjustable heat-control dials. It also has three damper valves that help you get the best of your barbecue experience.

5. Kamado Smokers

In contrast to its name, Kamado grills can be used as a smoker and are as effective as any other smoker in the market. Kamado grills have thick walls that retain more heat and allow for proper air circulation. It uses hardwood lump charcoal as fuel for cooking.A Kamado Grill that is ideal for smoking is the Large Big Green Egg or the Large EGG. It is the most popular Kamado grill that comes with a perfect size sought –after by many enthusiasts. It comes with a lid that can hold heat at ideal temperatures and smoke the food evenly. You can use it as a regular grill at a high temperature or turn it into a smoker by lowering the heat. 

6. Drum Smokers

Drum smokers have huge coal baskets, so you only have to light them once, and you’re good to go. It means that you won’t have to spend time re-lighting the coal. The drum smoker’s design is such that it cooks the food evenly and quickly and keeps it tender and juicy with a flavorsome smoky aroma that is sure to leave your taste buds tingling.Drum smokers typically have air vents at the bottom, which supply the oxygen, and on the top to release the air. After careful consideration of all the features of a good drum smoker, here is one that checks all the boxes of the best drum smoker you can find online- the classic Pit Barrel Cooker.

7. Offset Smokers

Offset smokers are two-part smokers known as ‘stick-burners.’ The cooking chamber in an offset smoker looks like a barrel or a drum or sometimes in the shape of a metal box. The second part is a smaller chamber where you can build a fire. The smaller chamber or the firebox transports the heat and smoke to the cooking chamber through a small hole between them. One of the best offset smokers that check all the boxes is the Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Smoker.The best part about owning Oaklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Smoker is that, apart from the main cooking chamber, you also get an additional grilling station over the coals in the second heat chamber or the firebox. It brings the total cooking space to 900 sq inches.

Offset smokers big enough to feed a large party to the ones that are just sufficient for a family, you have the liberty of choosing the perfect one that is ideal for you.

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