Cheap BBQ Ideas to Try Next Summer

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Looking for inexpensive grilling ideas that don’t hold back on flavor, are easy to prepare, and packed with loads of flavor?

If the answer is yes, I have some of the best budget BBQ ideas that will stretch your dollar while fulfilling your friend and family.

Continue reading to discover the best cheap grilling ideas below. 

Grilled Burgers

Burgers are the best for the food that is easy to put together on a weeknight. They are juicy and flavorful enough for anyone who likes to put every condiment under the sun into their burger. Yet, they are also balanced enough to please the minimalist burger eater. 

Making grilled burgers doesn’t require much. You just need ground chuck, some bread crumbs, tomato, grated onion, and basic seasonings to make a patty from scratch. 

BBQ Drumsticks 

BBQ chicken never gets old. It is usually the backbone of any summer outdoor cooking and one of the cheapest ways to provide for many people. However, the chicken drumsticks’ grilling recipe requires heavy lifting in preparation since you need some time to brine the meat and marinate. 

Marinated Vegetable Kebabs

If you are looking for a quick and easy to make a nutritious side dish, look no further than marinated vegetable kebabs. It can also become a main dish salad if you add some leafy greens or quinoa. To prevent the bamboo skewers from scorching, soak them for around 30 minutes in clean, warm water.

Grilled Stuffed Chili Rellenos 


For those who want to spruce up their BBQ grilling with some Mexican dishes, grilled stuffed chili should on top of the list. This dish can go well with gazpacho, Spanish rice, or a fresh salad with citrus and jicama.

You can use green bell or poblano peppers for this chili Rellenos, and they can be cooked over indirect heat while grilling other foods.

Beer Brats


For this simple grilling idea, you need a few onions, bratwurst, and a beer. Add a couple of fluffy hot dog rolls, and you are good to go. 

Place your bratwurst in a pan full of beer on the grill. Boil in the beer for around 10 to 15 minutes or until you see the brats turn white. Any beer can do the job, but if you can, get pale lagers. 

Grilled Eggplant 

A few dishes can beat the flavor of perfectly BBQ eggplant. It is soft, smoky, and tender, as well as full of rich and deep flavor. Make sure you begin with a saltwater brine to remove any bitterness in the eggplant before putting it on a grill. 

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