Best Induction Cooktop with Downdraft

Downdraft Induction cooktops have recently become a major kitchen necessity. They’re well-known for the advantages of their coiled wires, which don’t require flames to function effectively. When in contact with induction-friendly cookware, the coiled wires form a magnetic field and generate electrical currents beneath the top surface.

Homeowners may have a kitchen layout that does not allow regular ventilation, so downdraft inductions are used. They enable efficient cooking in small spaces while also providing space for overhead cabinets. The heat that shoots up from the cookware fights physics and is forced to ventilate through the downdraft system.

In this article, we’ll look at some of our favorite induction cooktops with downdraft while also answering a handful of the most asked questions, such as:

  • Are cooktops with downdraft effective?
  • Is it compulsory for downdraft ranges to be vented?
  • Where do downdrafts vent to?

Top Pick: GE 4-Burner Electric Cooktop with 3-Speed Downdraft System

The GE Electric Cooktop features central downdraft ventilation that conveniently draws greased-up smoke, odors, steam, etc., down into a filter inside the cooktop. The ventilation has a set of high, medium, and low speeds, and the filter can be cleaned easily by hand. The black, sleek surface of the cooktop is easy to clean. 

What we like:

3-Speed Downdraft System: The induction cooktop has a robust exhaust system that drags in greasy steam, air-polluting fumes, and odors, clearing the kitchen seamlessly. It does not need a large space and is as efficient as a range hood in the kitchen.

Cooktop with Ceramic Glass Surface: The induction stove’s black surface delivers a sleek look and makes it easier to clean. The ceramic glass finish also heats up faster, making it more convenient.

Element of Interconnection: The cooktop is a 3 fusion that enhances the large cooking area, ideal for large pans when preparing food. It incorporates three cooking compartments into one, making cooking easier and faster for the user.


  • Provides the kitchen with a professional appearance
  • Installation is quick and simple
  • Instant heating


  • Surface scratches easily

How does a downdraft cooktop function?

We might have heard of downdraft cooktops, but we may not know what they are exactly or how they function. A downdraft cooktop is a regular electric, induction, or gas cooktop designed with an in-built exhaust system. While cooking, the ventilation system uses the proximal vents to pull smoke and greasy steam to clear the kitchen. This air gets purified as the system removes contaminants, recirculates it, and forces it out of the ducts into your kitchen area. The product itself is a two-in-one deal. With a downdraft cooktop, there will be no need for an exhaust pipe above it.

Are cooktops with downdraft effective?

Cooktops with downdraft systems are designed with vents that have higher efficiency than updraft systems in removing air however prove to be futile at pulling fumes in from burners that are quite far. And when you cook from a tall stockpot, the fumes may not be captured into the vent system due to the height. When stir-frying or cooking foods that put out heavy smoke, the exhaust system will not work efficiently and struggle to keep up. The rising heat has to fight against physics and force itself to move downward into the downdraft ventilation.

Is it compulsory for downdraft ranges to be vented?

Ranges with downdraft vents are built between the rings and can pull in more smoke, greasy fumes, and steam via the exhaust tube or filtration structure. So this is why these types of ranges do not require a vent hood above the head. The kitchen cooktops that are installed in a space beneath a microwave do not mandate a downdraft system to get rid of the polluted air. This is so because of the vents available below the microwave. These vents are necessary as the cabinets or ceiling above the cooking surface will be tainted and soiled with steam and grease. Therefore, if a kitchen does not have a ventilation system, it is best to get a cooktop with a range hood or downdraft range to accommodate the fumes emitted while cooking.

Can a downdraft with a gas range be used?

A downdraft ventilation system works just as well as an updraft system. The exhaust pipe helps people avoid staining their ceilings or overhead cabinets by pulling the smoke and greasy steam downward. As downdraft vents can be built-in or placed low on the surface, they are not as efficient for high-range fumes as short-range fumes. Some downward ventilation systems can be proficient in purifying the air but some malfunction and permit unsafe carbon monoxide to stay in the air.

Where do downdrafts vent to?

The downdraft vents are significantly different from updraft vents as they are behind the cooktop instead of above it. The ducts collect the contaminated air and get rid of it by sending it through the cooktop and filtering it via the vents. They trap the particles in the cooking fumes, and the air is then recycled into the kitchen, pure and clean. 

What to look for in a downdraft induction cooktop?

You require the proper knowledge before purchasing anything. Therefore, if you don’t have the help of a professional advisor, you should keep some things in mind when looking for a downdraft induction cooktop to purchase. It would be best if you made sure the size of the cooktop is considerable as they are more efficient compared to smaller-sized ones. The number of burners and the material it is crafted from is significant as you need a durable and robust but easy to clean cooktop. You also require a spill-protected surface that does not allow liquid to get underneath the product surface and ruin the mechanism inside.

How much are the costs of downdraft induction cooktops installations?

As there are different types and brands of downdraft cooktops, the installation process may also be different. It also depends on your location, as delivering the cooktop to an area far from the brand store will charge extra. Therefore, the average cost of installing a new downdraft induction cooktop in your kitchen ranges between $500 and $1,000. The lowest price is about $375, and the highest it can get is $3,000.

Do I need to add a vent hood with a downdraft?

It is not required for you to purchase a vent hood when you already have an induction cooktop with a downdraft ventilation system. For example, with cooktops with higher CFM ratings, one with 350 CFM ratings, there will not be a change if you add any vent hood or not.

When it comes to cooktops with CFM ratings that are low, the fan in the vents may not collect all the particles in the fumes. So, if you’re cooking and the steam that escapes from your cookware does not get captured into the downdraft system and instead stains and ruins your ceiling or overhead cabinetry, you may need a vent hood. It is only necessary for those cooktops with a weaker exhaust system.

Induction Cookware Sets Review

Frigidaire 4-Burner Electric Downdraft Cooktop

Frigidaire has produced some of the best Induction Cooktops in the industry, and the downdraft cooktops take the win with the Frigidaire 30-inch 4-Burner Electric Downdraft Cooktop. It contains the best features anyone could ask for in an induction cooktop. Contributing heat efficiently and cleaning easily, it is one of the most durable and low-energy consuming cooktops for everyday use.

What we like:

Power Plus Tech: The induction stove is powered by lightning speed technology called Power Plus which boils water faster than traditional induction cooktops while whisking away the smoke and grease.

SpaceWise Bridge Element: The Frigidaire cooktop has a SpaceWise element, and this elastic aspect offers you the ability to cook different sized cookware in one ample space.

Powered by Pro-Select: The cooktop uses precise control that is easily operable at the tip of your fingers.


  • Cooking space of 30 inches
  • Smooth ceramic design
  • Even-heat distribution


  • Difficult installation

GE PP989DNBB 30″ Downdraft Smoothtop

GE is one of the global leading industrial producers of innovative equipment. The GE Smoothtop’s creative style and masterful performance is an excellent option for an electric cooktop to add to your home. The fabulous stainless-steel edge gives it a sleek trim and smooth look. GE brings your dreams into reality with this product by manufacturing it with comfort and convenience as their prioritized values.

What we like:

Strong Exhaust System: The cooktop features a powerful ventilation system that’s fixed into the cooktop. It helps clear the air and get rid of fumes from cooking by sucking up all the smoke and steam.

PowerBoil Element: The 30″ GE induction cooktop is fueled by a PowerBoil component that accommodates small to large-sized cookware while boosting the boiling process with 3,000 watts of power.

3-Speed Downdraft Fan: It has a three-speed aspect to its exhaust system, and this smoothly and powerfully unclogs the room by pulling in all the vapors.


  • Rapid and uniform heating.
  • Suave glass surface
  • Discreet ventilation


  • Overpriced installation costs

KitchenAid 4-Element Downdraft Cooktop

If you’re looking for a more affordable induction top with an equally good performance, you’re in luck. The 30-inch KitchenAid cooktop is crafted with a gorgeous glass surface and 4 cooking elements where you can cook 4 meals in one go. It consists of a 30-range in its downdraft, which has a superb smoke eliminating feature and is excellent for kitchens with restrictions when it comes to space.

What we like:

Convertible Feature: The KitchenAid cooktop can be changed into a duct-free ventilation cooktop. There is a piece of conversion equipment that is available to buy, and this filters the air while recirculating it to drift away from the ducts. 

CookShield coated Glass Surface: CookShield is a protecting surface that helps keep scratches at bay. The cover is kept pristine and good as new even after daily use because of this aspect.

Indicator for Hot-Surface: There are indicators that successfully let you know when the cooking surface is alright to touch. These indicators give clear signs of when the surface is hot or not.


  • Performs Proficiently with Great Ease
  • Adjustable 3-Speed fan
  • Durable Ceramic Surface


  • Not as easy to Clean

Jenn-Air Modular Downdraft Cooktop

This modular electric cooktop has a luxurious appearance and downdraft range. It allows for easy clearance of kitchen air while delivering smooth and efficient cooking for the user. The Jenn-Air cooktop is flexible in reconfiguring the cooktop surface to abide by your desires and preferences. Whether it is an easy home meal or indoor grilling, the creatively designed induction stove gives users the ability to choose from various cooking styles. Its hoodless ventilation system and smooth surface are a great addition to your kitchen.

What we like:

Modular Structure: There are cartridges of a modular quality, and they can reconfigure with the intent of harmonizing with your preferences. It has an indoor grilling option that enables your cravings for grilled delicacies.

Availability of Interchangeable Accessories: There is an easy-to-assemble variety of accessories that you can purchase and use interchangeably. The options include grilling equipment, griddle, coil elements, etc.

Color-Synchronizing Knobs: The beautifully designed cooktop has color-coordinating switches that help you match the cooking exterior for a reorganized appearance.


  • Two “On” signal lights
  • Nonstick finish for grilling
  • Quick removal of smoke


  • Oversized exhaust system

Final Verdict

Nowadays, many cooktops with downdraft are vying for a spot on the best-of-the-best list. The 4-Burner Electric Cooktop with 3-Speed Downdraft from GE, on the other hand, truly embodies all of the qualities it flaunts and conforms to its leading position in the kitchen. It’s a durable cooktop that will be a fabulous addition to your kitchen interior and well worth the investment.