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Weber Smokey Mountain series are among the favorites at any barbeque. They’re efficient but straightforward, so most backyard chefs and even experts have at least one of them.

However, no matter how amazing a product, there are still ways to make it your own. We put together a list of the best Weber Smokey Mountain Upgrades for the WSM 14, which you are sure to like too.

Here are some of the modifications and accessories we will cover:

  • WSM Gasket to Secure Front Door
  • New Lid Hinge
  • Improved Thermometer on Dome
  • Self-Regulating Controller for Temperature

WSM Gasket to Secure Front Door

First-time WSM users often have problems with the door as it leaks smoke. The Gasket kit, therefore, is a handy accessory that can secure the front door tightly. The gasket allows you to fasten the front door and prevent smoke leakage. You can get the kit instead of buying and installing a new door. 

You can install the accessory without any trouble. You will get an instruction manual with it, so the installation process is simple.

New Lid Hinge

The lid hinge is a valuable component that can make your smoking task much more manageable. Now, you don’t have to look here and there to keep the lid when you check your meat. With the hinge safely installed, you can open the cover and get on with your tasks. A manual comes along with it, so follow the steps, and your hinge will be in place. 

The hinge not only helps with keeping the lid in place but also makes inserting your thermometer simpler. The strongly-built hinge works excellent, and it makes the smoker look better too.

Improved Thermometer on Dome

Smokers with dome thermometers are pretty much in demand. However, most of the time, the temperature on the thermometer and the actual temps inside differ. The new, improved thermometer is, therefore, a much-needed modification for the Weber Smokey Mountain. It has a colorful dial which makes it easier for you to observe the readings. The experiment with the upgraded thermometer showed accurate readings. Hence, it is now an essential accessory you should have too.

Self-Regulating Controller for Temperature 

The automatic/self-regulating temperature controller is another outstanding modification of the WSM. It has several features, and there are many models. Some designs even allow you to adjust the temps from your phone. 

 You can attach it to one of the vents at the bottom and close the remaining vents. When you have connected it, it will manage the temperature. With time, you will get more precise results. So, you can use it whenever you cook in the WSM.

Enhanced Stainless Steel Door

The improved stainless-steel door gives a new look to your smoker, and it shuts firmly. Besides, it is more durable than the aluminum WSM door. The Weber Smokey Mountain door doesn’t close tightly, and therefore smoke leaks from it. Hence, the upgraded door is a significant modification that will keep in the smoke. Since it is also durable, you will not have to re-install the new door any time soon.

Extra Charcoal Grates

The extra charcoal grates are must-have items if you’re after fuel efficiency. The original grates have significant gaps between the bars, so charcoal often keeps falling and dying out when it hits the ashes. The new grate can reduce the issue as you just have to place it on top of the old one and attach them with a wire.  

Caster Wheels

If you like to cook outdoors, you need to have caster wheels for your smoker. The wheels come in a set of three, and they are pretty convenient. You can take the smoker anywhere you want and not worry about wobbling and falling. Besides, the wheels add more height to the smoker, and your access to the dampers becomes easier.

Cover for Water Pan

The water pan is an essential part of smoking and cooking your meat. However, it can get quite dirty with the meat juices falling on it. Hence, the water pan cover is a great addition. It fits perfectly on the pan, and it will keep the pan free from unwanted residue.

Smoker cover for Cold Weather

The smoker cover is an ideal item for smoking in extreme conditions. The smoker can go haywire when it’s too windy or cold. Hence, the smoker cover/jacket can be pretty helpful in maintaining the temperature. The jacket also makes the smoker fuel-efficient and also allows the smoking process to operate smoothly.

Some Additional Essential Accessories and Modifications for WSM

Along with the above upgrades, you can also find the following on the market. If you are enthusiastic about barbequing in a WSM, these items can be helpful.

  • Weber tool holder clip which lets you place more than one rack and saves space
  • The charcoal chimney starter that you can lit the chimney quickly
  • Stainless steel rib hanger for WSM that can let you hang and cook several pieces of meat at the same time
  • A wireless probe thermometer to monitor the smoker temperature and also allows you to follow your smoking/cooking process
  • Additional vent damper on the cover/lid to maximize the flow of air
  • Knobs and handles modifications on the lid and cooking section for easy removal and safety

There is no hard and fast rule to get all the objects mentioned above. But these are handy and can improve your cooking. So, you can get the accessories which you like best.


With so many upgrades and accessories, using the Weber Smokey Mountain is so much fun and convenient. Using the extra components and modifications can also improve your cooking. Watch out for more accessories and upgrades for the WSM, which will soon arrive on the market. 

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