Best Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are a vital appliance found in homes, apartments, and condos. The best garbage disposals quickly break down food waste that can easily flow through the plumbing system. They reduce the volume of waste produced and prevent clogged drains, backups, and overflow if installed and used correctly. Interested? Great, we also answer:

  • How long does a garbage disposal last?
  • How big should my garbage disposal be?
  • Which is the quietest garbage disposal?

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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal

  • The disposals are 100% safe to use with septic tanks appropriately sized.
  • It has a continuous feed type as long as the power is on.
  • EZ mount twist and lock system for quick and easy installation

If you’re looking for compact and durable garbage disposal, Waste King L-1001 might be the best choice for you. With its energy-efficient and high-speed motor garbage disposal, it is sure to grind away all your kitchen scrap woes. Interestingly, one of the most remarkable features is that it is lightweight and has a removable splash-guard, making it easy to clean. 

What we like

Durable components: It has a corrosion-proof polymer grind chamber and galvanized steel grind components for superior performance and impressive grind. 

Sleek design: The compact and sleek design lets you save space under your sink. 

Safety feature: A manual reset button that shuts off the unit entirely can quickly revert to running status by pressing the manual button again.


  • The disposals are 100% safe to use with septic tanks appropriately sized.
  • It has a continuous feed type as long as the power is on.
  • EZ mount twist and lock system for quick and easy installation


  • It does not come with sound insulation.

What is the life expectancy of a garbage disposal?

Garbage disposals are meant to last well over a decade, depending on how much care you put into them. With proper maintenance on time and watching what you put into it, you should be okay for at least until that 12-year mark.

What size garbage disposal is best?

While choosing the correct garbage disposal is entirely up to you, the ideal disposal is a ¾ horsepower garbage disposal for families. However, the cheapest garbage disposals come at ⅓ horsepower with less utility, but it gets the job done. These disposals usually need a lot of maintenance, so it is mostly not preferred unless it is for temporary use.

What is the quietest garbage disposal?

While no garbage disposal can be completely soundless, a low-powered motor is expected to create less noise. Quiet garbage disposals typically have Sound seal technology like the InSinkErator Evolution Excel made as a soundproof waste management system, and they usually run on less power. Or the Waste King L-1001, which is best for its size and low noise capabilities.

Do all garbage disposals have a plug?

While garbage disposals can be hardwired to a dedicated circuit directly, they are also plugged into a wall circuit with an appliance cord that is generally located inside the sink’s cabinet.

Are garbage disposals 110 or 220?

Garbage disposals are available in 110 and 220 Volts used with an outlet typically protected by a 120 volt with a 20amp (amperage) circuit breaker.

Is higher horsepower better for garbage disposal?

With higher horsepower garbage disposals, you can expect better performances with fewer clogged drains, and it is easier to pulverize food substances. However, it takes up more space, and you can get good garbage disposals with less horsepower that take up less space with good performances.

Can I run a garbage disposal and dishwasher on the same circuit?

Yes, you can run a garbage disposal and a dishwasher on the same circuit with proper conditions, such as ensuring that the circuit runs at a total amperage of 20amp and does not exceed the 80percent amperage rating of the circuit.

What size breaker do I need for a disposal?

Ideally, a garbage disposal needs a circuit with an amperage of 15amps, usually secured by a 120volt. However, it is best to have a circuit with 20amps secured by a 120volt available outlet.

What is the difference between a garbage disposal and an InSinkErator?

Disposers are considered an alternative to landfill disposal methods and reduce gas emissions. Garbage disposals have blades that pulverize food waste into small particles and flush down the plumbing system. However, the InSinkErator disposer uses zero blades but some impeller that normally liquifies food particles. It is then sent to the wastewater treatment plant or directly into your septic tank.

What is better, InSinkErator vs. Waste King?

The main difference between the Waste King and an InSinkErator would be its motor. While the West King runs at 2500 Revolutions Per Minute (RPM), the InSinkErator runs at 1725 RPM, comparatively less than the Waste King garbage disposal. However, the InSinkErator is environmentally friendly and handles almost all food wastes like meat, small bones, fish, while the Waste King garbage disposal cannot. 

Which is better ½ HP or ⅓ HP garbage disposal?

Both these garbage disposals are considered to be for entry-level household use. A ½ HP garbage disposal has better food grinding capacity than a ⅓ HP garbage disposal. However, it solely depends on the products since some ⅓ HP disposals are better than their peers depending on the model. 

What can and can’t you put in a garbage disposal?

While it is easy to assume that a garbage disposal will grind up all types of garbage, there are some limitations. Garbage disposal should not be fed everyday items like bones and hard foods, such as nut pits, as they can damage the blades and cause problems with the pipes in the house.

One of the essential items to remember not to send down a garbage disposal is grease/fat, as it can solidify and clog up the unit. Other than that, common waste like leftovers and vegetable scraps should be okay.

Are garbage disposals good for the environment?

When properly fitted, garbage disposals are safe and suitable for any sewage system. The regular maintenance of your disposal should keep you and the environment devoid of any problems. However, alternative products to garbage disposals strive towards a better eco-friendly environment.

What can I clean my garbage disposal with?

Forgetting to clean the garbage disposal could lead to a foul odor. And daily usage of your appliance that handles waste will eventually start smelling. You can always use natural remedies to get rid of the smell, such as:

  • Baking soda and white vinegar: pour ¼ cup of baking soda into your garbage disposal and then add a cup of white vinegar. This formula will start to bubble, naturally killing germs and bacteria that can cause odor. After making sure to let it sit for a few minutes, run some cold water through the disposal. 
  • Salt and ice: This can sharpen the blades inside the chamber.
  • Borax: use half a cup of Borax once a week, clean your disposal, and remove the smell.     
  • Citrus: the natural oils and acids in citrus fruits like orange, grapefruit, lemon, and lime are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Grind a handful of the peelings or rinds into the garbage disposal unit, destroying the odor-causing bacteria and cleaning the residue in the disposal. 
  • Dishwash liquid: with some dishwashing liquid and a bottle brush, you can scrub out your garbage disposal, but make sure that the disposal appliance is turned off.

Are garbage disposal bad for plumbing?

Garbage disposals will not clog your pipes if you use them properly. It is always better to hire a professional plumber to avoid bad plumbing. 

This garbage disposal is designed with sound-deadening insulation and a mighty 2600 Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) that reduces problems with jamming. It also arrives with a 5-year limited warranty and provides in-home services.    

What we like

Simple installation: Designed with a universal XPRESS mount that fits most 3- bolt mounting assemblies, the installation comes fast and easy.

Pre-installed power cord: Budget-friendly as you don’t have to shell out extra to purchase a separate cord. The cord is easily removable for optional hardwiring. 

Sound shield technology: Designed to provide sound deadening insulation.  


  • Powerful 2600rpm
  • It fits most existing assemblies, including other brands
  • Septic safe
  • 5-year warranty
  • Continuous feed


  • Not as quiet as the other reviews

The GXP50C garbage disposal is from another range of the Moen Prep Series with a streamlined, compact design and high-speed motor. It is equipped with continuous feed technology with stainless steel components that efficiently dice up the food waste. 

What we like

Simple installation: It is designed with a universal XPRESS mount that fits most 3- bolt mounting assemblies, and installation comes fast and easy.

Vortex motor: It is supplied with high-speed 2600 rpm; the Vortex permanent magnet motor is designed to reduce jamming and clogs. 


  • Pre-installed power cord
  • 360 clean rinse splash guard
  • It fits most existing assemblies, including other brands
  • Septic safe
  • Can break down and clean up potato peels


  • Less horsepower than the Chef Series

It is the world’s largest garbage disposal manufacturer; the InSinkErator’s Badger series goes easy on your pockets as well as functionality. It also comes with a patented quick-lock mount that makes it easy to replace it with another. 

What we like

Environment friendly: It shifts food wastes from landfills, and several wastewater treatment plants can turn your food into renewable energy and fertilizer. 

Their affordable performance: With their rugged galvanized steel construction and the long-lasting dependability of their motors, function, and performance go a long way. 


  • A simple twist off and on to replace models.
  • Affordable and compact, so it saves a lot of space.


  • Limited grind capability.

With all the necessary hardware provided, the L-111 disposal comes with a sleek design that is reliable and very simple to install. It also presents itself with a removable and replaceable splash guard that makes it easy to clean the disposal unit and retrieve dropped items.

What we like

Mount system: It has an EZ mount for a quick and easy kitchen sink installation. 

Safety feature: The manual reset button stops the machine being overloaded or jammed. You can also quickly resume the unit’s running status by pressing the manual reset button.


  • Removable and replaceable splash guard
  • It comes with a manual reset button
  • Continuous feed disposal that runs until turned off
  • No electrical experience needed to install the unit


  • It comes with only a 2-year warranty.


Our top pick is the Waste King L-1001. You can easily install this modern garbage disposal tool at home without the hassle of calling an electrician. With the Waste King system, you can get rid of foul odors from your kitchen bin and reduce the use of plastic bags.