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Thinking of getting a grill but not sure which one? We’ve got you! We all want to make the best decision before a big purchase. We’ll be comparing the Traeger vs Campchef grills. Each brand has its positives and areas where they lack. 

With many models, brands, and even price ranges, making a choice can seem complicated. Our product comparison is going to help clear your doubts.

An overview of the Traeger Pro 575

If you’re on the hunt for a pellet grill that will not leave you disappointed, the Traeger Pro 575 will be a great option. This grill showcases plenty of innovative features that take grilling to a whole new level. 

We love this product for its easy-to-use nature and the modern touches it comes with. 

We should begin by highlighting that this grill comes with a wireless temperature control feature. Yes! You can cook, monitor, and even prepare your recipes remotely. Just get the Traeger application on your smartphone. This feature is useful when you can’t afford to stand next to your grill every time you make something. 

You’ll also find their patented D2 Drivetrain. This feature allows your grill to heat up quicker, smoke evenly and perfectly, and give you quality food every time. The meat probe is another feature you’ll end up loving. It allows you to check your food’s internal temperature without having to take out your food or even opening your grill, for that matter. 

The wheels at the base make it portable and versatile in any kind of terrain. Moreover, you’ll also find non-stick grates. This product delivers much-needed features a grill should have.

An overview of the Campchef Woodwind Wifi 24

Equipped with unique features, this grill is also a formidable contender among different grills. Imagine controlling your grill remotely, without even being near it.  The Campchef Woodwind Wifi 24 uses wifi technology to make grilling an enjoyable and straightforward experience. 

Set your timer, control your temperature, and even receive notifications on your phone through the Campchef application.  It comes with a PID Controller, which will help you control both the amount of smoke you want and the temperature. 

Features like grease management, pellet clean-out, ash clean-out, and even cord management are minor valuable features that make your grilling experience an enjoyable one. You’ll even find a utility shelf and stainless steel meat probes.

Height53 inches49 inches
Weight124 pounds132 pounds
Power SourceElectricElectric
ConstructionCoated SteelBody- Coated Steel
Lid and Firebox-Stainless steel

The Traeger Brand

You should know that Traeger was among the first grill companies to produce the wood grill. Joe Traeger founded this company in 1985, but due to some law dispute, sold it in 2006. Despite this, the company still manages to manufacture some of the best wood and pellet grills. Manufacturing takes place in China now, although it started in the U.S.

Are you interested in the Traeger grills? If so, you should first make an informed decision. Just know that Traeger grills are nothing short of innovation, and you get to enjoy modern technology while grilling. They aim at making grills that are accessible for everyone and to bring a fun experience. 

Traeger stamped their mark on the grilling industry with their feature of setting and forgetting. This feature in the grills allowed you to set your food and go about your work. The grill will take care of the grilling. They have some of the world’s best-selling grills. 

The Camp chef brand

Do you know how Camp chef started? The origins of the Camp chef brand trace its roots to its founder wanting to make a grill that wasn’t an inconvenience. Outdoor cooking products are usually large, heavy, and restrictive. To combat this, after much brainstorming, Ty Measom came up with the Pro60. This model launched this company into the market in 1990. 

Camp chef now makes grills that are not only powerful but portable. The designs are simple, but the functionality of this brand’s grills is extraordinary. The company manufactures its products in China. They not only make grills, but ovens, smokers, and even grilling accessories. 

Are you still on the fence with this company? Do you think you won’t be able to master or handle their products? Worry not. You can pick up all sorts of tips and tricks along the way. The grills made by Campchef are relatively easy to use. 

Comparison of the Traeger Pro 575 and the Campchef Woodwind Wifi 24

Making decisions much easier with an objective analysis. Our head-to-head comparison of the Traeger Pro 575 and the Campchef Woodwind Wifi 24 will help you make the best decision for yourself. 


Both these fantastic grills have a similar price point. Pricing can be a determining factor when you’re buying a grill. But since both offer their grills at the same price point, it’ll all come down to either brand loyalty or personal preference. 


Both the Traeger Pro 575 and Campchef Woodwind Wifi 24 uses a steel body construction, durable. The Traeger Pro 575 uses coated steel, while the Campchef Woodwind Wifi 24 also uses coated steel in its body. However, for the lids and the firebox, it uses stainless steel construction.

Temperature Control:

Wifi temperature control technology is present in both these grills. In the Traeger Pro 575, you can remotely access your grill’s temperature and even check on your food using the Traeger mobile application. The Campchef Woodwind Wifi 24 has a similar feature. It uses wifi technology to access your grill. You can set your timer, check your food, and even get notified using just your phone. 

Temperature Range:

Both perform on a similar level in terms of temperature, but the Campchef has a slight edge. The Campchef Woodwind Wifi 24 is 160º Fahrenheit, and the highest is 500º Fahrenheit. Traeger Pro 575, on the other hand, has a base temperature of 165º Fahrenheit and a maximum temperature of 450º Fahrenheit. 

Cooking Space:

Traeger Pro 575 offers a total cooking area of 575 sq. inches. The Campchef Woodwind Wifi 24 has a total cooking space of 800 sq. inches. 

Pellet Hopper Size:

When it comes to the hopper capacity of both these grills, the Campchef Woodwind Wifi 24 with a hopper capacity of 22 pounds is slightly more than the Traeger Pro 575 that has a hopper capacity of 18 pounds.


Both the Campchef Woodwind Wifi 24 and the Traeger Pro 575 offer a warranty of 3 years. Traeger’s warranty extends only in the U.S., while Campchef’s warranty is for the original owner.

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