Pit Boss vs Z Grills – 2023 Comparison

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Which is better: Pit Boss or Z grills? This article compares Pit Boss vs. Z Grills to see what each company offers and go over the pros and cons.

We will also look at a pellet grill from the two popular brands that offer a range of pellet smokers. So, let’s get started!

Z Grills 1000E Vs. Pit Boss Sportsman 1100

Every company has a star product that is widely popular among the customers.  The two popular products under Z Grills and Pit Boss are Z Grills 1000E and Pit Boss sportsman 1100. These products have created a niche for themselves. 

Both the products have distinct features that make the customer choose the one suitable for them. While Pit Boss Sportsman has a wi-fi facility, Z Grills lacks in that part. So, for a tech-savvy person, the choice will be Pit Boss. Z Grills 1000E has a simplistic approach. It is suitable for beginners as it is hassle-free. All you need to do is fill the hopper with pellets and set the right temperature to cook or bake.

Pit Boss sportsman is more on the advanced level as it also comes with two meat probes. It works with a dial-in-digital control pad to check the meat or adjust the time without opening the lid. Z Grills 1000E follows an increment of 25 degrees instead of the regular 50 degrees. With this option, you can set your own time to cook.

Despite being under a different company, they share some standard features. For instance, if you are looking at cooking’s versatility, both have 8 in 1 facility. Yes, you can smoke, bake, char-grill, roast, grill, braise and sear in both the products. 

We cannot deny the fact that both products deliver impressive results. With an affordable price range, you can choose any of the products that suit your requirements. Both the product comprises high quality and offers a warranty period of three years and five years.


Control type:Digital control pad and easy dial-in temperature range
Hopper Capacity:20 lbs
Cooking Area:1060 sq. inches
Temperature Range:160°F- 450°F
Control type:Dial-in digital with a control board with LES readout
Hopper Capacity:30 lbs
Cooking Area:1610 sq. inches
Temperature Range:180°F-500°F

An overview of the Z Grills Brand 

Originally started as a grill manufacturer, the Z Grills brand came into establishment in the year 2016. The company earlier built pellet grills for multiple reputed brands in the industry. It has experience that spans over thirty years.

In 2017, a crowdfunding campaign was initiated by the company. Amazingly it raised over half a million! Within a year of establishment, the Z Grills brand became one of the renowned names in the pellet grills. 

The brand has flourished extensively. It has more than 600 employees that comprise designers, researchers, engineers, and craftsmen. Unlike other brands, Z Grills has a warehouse in Los Angeles and California, where they manufacture pellet grills.

At an affordable price, the Z Grills brand offers high-quality products. It emphasizes creating products that are environmentally friendly and offers durability. The brand uses food-grade wood pellet fuel to enhance food’s taste and smell to a more natural feel. Here is a video to learn more about Z Grills and its aspects. 

An overview of the Pit Boss brand

A subsidiary of Dansons Inc, Pit Boss Grills was founded by Dan Thiessen with his two sons. It is one of the reputed brands that offer longevity of the product and craftsmanship. Pit Boss is a US-based company, but the products are mainly manufactured in China.

The brand doesn’t cater only to a specific section of the people. They design the product based on both family and business approaches. It uses the best hardwood pellets available in the market devoid of any filler or additives. Here is a video to further get you acquainted with the brand and the services it offers.

A comparison between Pit Boss Vs. Z Grills 

 We have looked into various factors that will give an outline of the brand. So, let’s delve into some of the factors that will determine the purchase of the product.

Price : Price is one of the vital factors determining a specific product’s purchasing power—both Z Grills and Pit Boss offer products at an affordable price. With a similar price range, you can choose the product that meets your requirement. 

The brand Pit Boss and Z Grills shares the same beliefs of creating a quality product at an affordable cost.

Construction: Z Grills and Pit Boss have a solid body construction. Pit Boss has most of their products bear a sophisticated look. The crates are mainly cast iron with porcelain-coated and stainless steel for racks. Both the brands offer insulated models. You might need a thermal blanket for some of Z Grill models during cold weather to maintain heat. 

Temperature control: Temperature control is an essential feature in the pellet grill. Z Grill has good heat retention. Also, you will not hear any negative comments about heat issues. It also gives 25°F increments for precision. 

Pit Boss has a similar precision with Z Grills. It is well-built and doesn’t have any issues regarding the leaking of heat in its products. 

Temperature Range: A pellet grill is known for its multi-purpose functionality. You can bake, sear, smoke, and braise all in the same unit. However, to attain cooking versatility, a grill must have a varied temperature range. 

Pit Boss has a temperature range between 180°F-500°F while Z Grill range between 180°F- 450°F. Both offer a good range, but Z Grill provides a little less as compared to Pit Boss.

Cooking Space: Both Z Grills and Pit Boss offer ample grill sizes for everyone. They have a solid product line that caters to all the masses. When it comes to sizes both the brand provides flexibility. There is an array of multiple sizes that you can choose according to your requirements.

Pellet Hopper Size: Hopper size is also an essential part of pellet grills. A brand like Z Grills has a capacity of 20 lbs for larger grills and 10 lbs for smaller grills.  A Pit Boss hopper size varies depending on the grills. It ranges from5 lbs to 27 lbs or more.

Warranty: Z Grills offers a warranty period of three years while Pit Boss gives an extended five-year period. Undoubtedly, Pit Boss takes the cake in this, as it covers for a longer time. It assures that the product is of high quality. 

 Extra Features: The earlier version of Pit Boss didn’t have many extra features. But the newer grills have updated features like the Wi-fi facility. Z Grills is known for its simplicity, and most of its products are hassle-free. It doesn’t have many added features on its products. 

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