Grill Rescue Review

Keeping your barbecue grill clean after every barbecue session is crucial. There are numerous grill cleaners available on the market.

If you are looking for a cleaner that is safe to use and does the job, your search ends here. This article will help you find the best grill brush available. 

The Grill Rescue is more than an average grill brush. It is the world’s best grill brush because of its unique features and design.

One of this product’s best features is that it does not need vigorous brushing, which is a lifesaver for many grilling enthusiasts.

Grill rescue review

How do you use grill rescue?

Using a grill rescue is so easy. All you need to do is preheat your grill to a minimum of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, you need to dunk your brush and gently wipe away the entire gunk stuck in the grill grates. Also, Grill rescue uses steam to clean your grill grates. So, you don’t need to have to forcefully brush the grill or use grease on the grill grates.

What is the best grill cleaner? 

There are numerous grills cleaner available on the market. Some are in the form of a spray, while others are foam cleaner. However, the grill rescue brush is the best grill cleaner as it uses steam to clean the grill grates. A firefighter developed this grill brush, so it is made with firefighter gear. As a result, the grill rescue brush is fire-resistant and durable. 

What is the safest grill brush?  

You must clean the grill carefully and adequately after every barbeque session. The brushes with metal bristles can be pretty dangerous as they can break off and get stuck in the grill while cleaning. There are plenty of cases where people are rushed to the emergency room because they have swallowed metal bristles. If that happens, they have to undergo surgery to remove the bristles from the stomach, throats, and mouths. 

The grill rescue is the safest grill brush as it does not use metal bristles for cleaning. Besides, this grilling brush does not contain any toxic chemicals, so it’s safe to use and won’t impact your food’s taste. Also, you can easily clean the brush after use as it is dishwasher friendly.

What can I use to clean the inside of my grill?

You must clean the inside of your grill thoroughly. Different parts of the grill have to be cleaned using a different technique. For instance, to clean the flavorizer bars, you can scrape the bar after it cools off. You can also use a brush to remove any food residue from the flavorizer bars. 

Another essential part of the grill is the burner tubes which have to be adequately cleaned. You can clean the outside of the burners with a grill rescue brush. However, you must not damage the ignition electrodes, so be extra careful while brushing the burner tubes.

Heat deflectors play a vital role in enhancing the cooking performance of your grill. Hence, you must keep the heat deflectors clean. To clean the heat deflectors, you can use grill rescue as a scraper or as a brush. You can first use the scraper to scrape off the debris and gently brush the heat deflectors with a grilling brush.

The leftover food residues or grease can accumulate inside the cook box, so it is essential to clean it thoroughly. You can use the grill rescue scraper to scrape off debris from the cook box’s side and bottom. You can then slide the debris into the grease tray for disposal.

What can I use to degrease my grill?  

There are two ways you can clean your grill: one is thoroughly cleaning your entire grill inside and out. The other way is decreasing your grill, in other words, cleaning the grates, especially the parts where the fats get stuck. Therefore, the grill cleaners are also formulated depending on their purpose.

For instance, grill cleaners like Citrusafe grill cleaning spray will make your grill shine but cannot degrease your grill. Similarly, Weber grill grate cleaners are designed to remove even the worst grease and grime off your grill. 

Can I pressure wash my grill?

Yes, you can pressure wash your grill. However, you have to do it the right way. Before you pressure wash your grill, you need to disconnect the propane tank, electrical and safely remove the grates. Also, you must use pressure washer-safe degreaser detergent and start applying the degreaser from the bottom.

You can use power washers if you haven’t cleaned your grill for a long time. However, if you clean your grill regularly, a less powerful pressure washer like electric pressure washers will do the job.

What can I use instead of a wire grill brush?

A wire grill brush can be harmful to your health. There are many alternatives such as a scraper, a coil brush, tinfoil, etc. You can also use beer or vinegar to remove the grease, grime, and food residue from the grill grates. Moreover, a good brush like the grill rescue can do the job well.

What we like:

  • Tough Cleaning head

The grill rescue cleaning head is made out of super durable aramid fiber used in firefighter gear. The aramid fiber ensures that the brush is heat resistant.

  • Premium Scraper

The grill rescue scraper is also considered the most aggressive scraper in the market. It is also the thickest scraper as it is made of 2.1 mm brushed stainless steel.

  • Sturdy handle

The handle of the grill rescue is also solid and sturdy. This grilling brush is an excellent investment as it will last you for years. You can even run a truck over the brush handle, and it will not snap.

  • Dishwasher Friendly

Another essential feature of the grill rescue is that it is effortless to clean. You can easily detach the head of the brush and wash it in the dishwasher.