Best Pressure Cookers

Anyone who has ever used a pressure cooker knows they save time and effort, making them the most valuable appliances in the kitchen. We look at the 5 best pressure cookers and answer questions, such as:

  • What’s the average time to cook in a pressure cooker?
  • Are longer cooking times better?
  • Multicooker or electric pressure cooker?

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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Instant Pot Ultra Programmable Pressure Cooker

  • You get to control steam release with the quick-release button.
  • It’s made of stainless steel for more durability.
  • You can use Alexa to guide the cooking on this appliance.

The Instant Pot Ultra is a programmable pressure cooker that cooks food quickly with preset programs. You can choose whichever preset you would like to cook with this system. The settings can even be customized according to your preferences. It is easy to operate and use this function. 

It creates a high-speed product that saves time and effort in the kitchen. Besides adjusting the altitude, you can view the progress bar showing how your cooking progresses. You can also set a timer for the steam release if you want.

What we like:

Simple controls: Although the cooker looks like a complicated appliance, it is pretty simple. It comes with a central dial that allows you to select whichever cooking function you want to select and make adjustments accordingly.

Altitude Adjustment: You no longer have to do any guesswork when cooking, and it provides precise cooking time even with recipe conversion.

Visual cooking progress bar: You can keep an eye on what stage your food is cooking at – preheating, cooking, or “keep warm.” 


  • You get to control steam release with the quick-release button.
  • It’s made of stainless steel for more durability.
  • You can use Alexa to guide the cooking on this appliance.


  • The instruction manual is not very detailed, so that it can confuse first-time users.

How long does it take to cook in a pressure cooker?

Pressure cookers cut down the cooking time by a lot. In case you are cooking a recipe that requires 8-10 hours of slow cooking, you will only need an hour or so to complete it. This is why it’s excellent to use it whenever you are short on time or are cooking something that takes a lot of time. 

How long is 8 hours in a pressure cooker?

If your recipe calls for 8 hours of slow or low flame cooking, you will be done within 25 to 30 minutes in the pressure cooker. This involves stews and soups that require a lot of time to slow cook. 

Is longer better in a pressure cooker?

Depending on what you prefer, you can adjust the cooking time. Generally, for meat with a lot of juice, such as beef or pork, it is better to cook it for a long time, even in a pressure cooker, to enhance the juiciness. It makes the meat tender and almost falls off the bone. 

Do pressure cookers shorten the cooking time?

Yes, they shorten the cooking time for any dish, which is why they are very popular. They take less time and effort to cook; plus, you also use less power or gas since the cooking time is cut by at least 50%.

When should I start timing on my pressure cooker?

If you use a cooker with a built-in timer, you can set the timer when you start the cooking process. But the timer will only set off after the cooker has reached peak pressure. So once the first whistle or steam release is done, you can start to count down. 

It typically takes about 15 minutes for any pressure cooker to reach pressure, but it can take longer to reach pressure if cooking frozen foods. Keep in mind that the food can continue cooking from the pressure inside the cooker even after taking it off the heat. So set your timer accordingly.

How do you use a pressure cooker for the first time?

If you have just bought a new cooker, it is crucial to test the appliance by pressuring water before any other food. This will give you an idea of how long it takes to start cooking and the evaporation process. After you get an idea, you can pop anything you want to cook in the pot and set the timer. 

Note that the timer will start only after the pressure cooker has reached a specific pressure point. This is when the cooking process starts. Take it off the heat after the timer stops but make sure that you only nonce it after the steam has been released. It could take up to 10 minutes for the cooker to cool down. 

Can I use a pressure cooker as a slow cooker?

Yes, you can use your pressure cooker as a slow cooker, and you only need to keep the flame or the heat on low to avoid pressuring the food too soon. Some cookers even have the function of a slow cooker in their preset programs. 

More often than not, you can invest in a pressure cooker and get rid of the slow cooker, the broiler, and other standalone appliances from your wish list because it can perform various functions.

Is it better to slow cook or pressure cook?

Slow cooking is ideal if you are cooking some root vegetables or challenging meat pieces, and this is because you can break down fat and make the food more tender and moist when you slow cook on low flame. But you can do the same even in a pc. 

It’s just that it will take less time in a pressure cooker than in a slow cooker, and the result is almost the same- tender, soft, and juicy meat. One disadvantage of using a slow cooker is that you can’t cook leaner meats in them.

What’s the difference between a multicooker and an electric pressure cooker?

The most significant difference between a multicooker and a pressure cooker is that a cooker only has one function: pressure cooking. In contrast, a multicooker can perform various functions, including pressure cooking and slow cooking, broiling, steaming, etc. 

The Presto pressure cooker and canner is a dual function appliance that can do the job in a concise amount of time. It comes with a 23-quart capacity which is over 21.8 liters. It is quite a giant, and you can use it for canning and pressure cooking.

What we like:

Pressure canning at home: You can easily do pressure canning from the comfort of your home. Using this appliance is the safest way to pressure any food items like poultry, vegetables, meat, and even seafood.

Durable pressure gauge: It registers the pressures automatically, which is very helpful for altitude adjustment.

Recipe book and instruction manual: The appliance comes with its recipe book that you can try out with the pressure cooker. It even includes a canning rack in the whole package.


  • The Presto cooker and canner work on regular and smooth-top ranges.
  • The pressure dial can be used to control the cooking process.
  • The air vent allows proper pressure to build up before releasing the steam.


  • Its size is quite large, so it takes up a lot of countertop and cabinet space.

The All American pressure cooker is a high-class professional appliance made of heavy-duty cast aluminum, which aids in fast and even heating. It is entirely safe for use even with beginners because it is designed with venting automatic features.

What we like:

Large capacity: It has a 10.5-quart capacity to hold 4-quart jars or 7-pint jars for canning purposes. It can feed at least 15 people.

Metal-to-metal sealing system: It makes sure that the entire appliance is sealed and stem tightly to the point where you can rest assured there will be no leakage whatsoever.

Durability: The build is made only of the sturdiest components, which ensures long-lasting and extended use.


  • A safety control valve helps you avoid harm.
  • Overpressure plug for controlling the amount of pressure while cooking.
  • Pressure regulator with a variety of PSI settings.


  • Expensive.

You can now easily enjoy a healthy meal cooked at home with minimal effort and less time with the Hawkins. It comes with a regulator that can help control and monitor the pressure level inside the cooker. The pressure-locked environment is ideal for adding moisture to your food and giving it an extra juicy flavor. 

What we like:

Anodised Body: The hard anodized body makes it easy to absorb heat and allows the food to cook faster.

Stainless Steel Lid: It’s durable and sturdy with a hard-anodized body and a stainless steel lid. 

Curved Body: The body is curved so that when you cook, it is easy to stir the food around. You can also easily see your food and fish out whatever you want. 


  • Automatic safety valve that prevents any steam burns.
  • Safety lock feature allows the heat to be retained.
  • The handles remain cool to the touch.


  • The shape of the cooker makes it challenging to wash easily.

Power Pressure Cooker XL

This cooker lets you cook perfect meals with just the touch of a button, and that too, at least 70% faster than regular ovens. It comes with an airtight lid that locks it into place and keeps the steam escaping. The heat retained is used for cooking the food faster and more evenly. The result is super tender, soft, and juicy food with many flavors inside them.

What we like:

Digital control panel: It comes with a digital panel that is easy to use. It helps you monitor your food and check the progress. You can even select a cooking mode from the preset programs and customize it according to your preferences.

Descriptive manual: The user manual gives you all the instructions you need to ensure that you can use the appliance to its full potential. 

Built-in safety features: It comes with a lid safety device that can prevent excess pressure build-up if you haven’t closed the lid properly. This helps avoid steam burns. It also has a clog-resistant feature that allows the vent for the steam to escape clear and without any disruptions.


  • Maximum protection against injuries in the kitchen.
  • Temperature cut-off feature shuts down the cooker automatically if it detects overheating.
  • Removable inner pot to make cleaning hassles.


  • It has a brief warranty period.


Whether you are an everyday cook or just a casual cook, having a pressure cooker can significantly change your cooking experience by cutting the time and effort while delivering perfect food.

If you have the Instant Pot Ultra, you don’t need any other standalone cookers, such as the slow cooker and the rice cooker, which take up countertop space. This is an all-in-one appliance that performs just as well as on paper.