Traeger vs Charbroil – 2023 Comparison

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Traeger and Charbroil are two brands that use different grilling methods. Traeger is more traditional, which uses pellet grains, while the Char-Broil uses gas for powering the grill.

We will focus on Traeger Vs. Charbroil and find their differences and similarities to help you decide which is best.  

Char Broil 4-Burner Vs. Traeger Timberline 850

There are so many grilling machines available in the market today, but few stand up and meet the expectations. To make things easier, here are three of the most popular grills that people love to purchase. 

Char-Broil 4-Burner

The Char-Broil 4-Burner is another excellent grill that comes packed with fantastic features. They are affordable compared to most other grills and bang for the buck. You get all stainless construction as well as a primary and secondary cooking space. They are easy to use and come equipped with four casters for mobility.

Why does the Char-Broil 4-Burner stand out?

Apart from the easy-to-use and quality construction, it comes with three separate warranties.

  • Two-year warranty for the firebox
  • Five-year warranty for the burner 
  • One year warranty for all the other parts 

Traeger Timberline 850

The Traeger Timberline 850 is a premium quality grill, but they are probably the most expensive ones. But if you are willing to spend, these grills are undoubtedly one of the best in the market. Traeger is an excellent brand that has stood the test of time. The grill comes packed with all the modern technological features, and the grates are stainless steel.

What makes Traeger Timberline  850 stand out

With the Traeger Timberline 850, you get the most natural wood-flavored taste every time you grill. 

Overview of Traeger brand

Traeger brand is one of the most well-known brands n the world. Joe Traeger, the founder of the brand, revolutionized the BBQ industry with his patented grill using hardwood pellets. He started the company in 1985 in the USA and, the following year, patented the technology. 

Where are Traeger grills manufactured?

All the Traeger products are manufactured and assembled in China.

What type of grills does Traeger make?

Traeger makes wood pellets, gas, and charcoal grills, and there are many varieties for you to choose such as the Tailgater, Pro Series, Century, Timberline Series, etc.

What is Traeger best known for?

Traeger brand is best known for its authentic grilling experience using natural wood pellets.

Overview of Char-Broil brand

Char-Broil is another well-established brand started in 1948 by W.C Bradley and Co. This Georgia based company dedicates themselves to provide some of the best outdoor cooking experience with their wide variety of grilling machines. The grills are premium quality, made from the finest materials, and come with all the fantastic modern features that make you grill smarter.

Where are Char-Broil grills manufactured?

Like most other international brands, the company outsourced its manufacturing and production to China. But all the design comes from their official headquarters in the US.

What type of grill does Char-Broil make?

Char-Broil makes grills, fryers, smokers, and other related accessories. 

What is Char-Broil best known for?

Char-Broil is known for its electric, gas, and charcoal grills and use of TRU-Infrared technology.

Comparing the Traeger and Char-Broil grills

Both Traeger and Char-Broil are excellent brands when it comes to grill machines. But many factors separate them from one another.


There is undoubtedly a big difference when it comes to price. The Char-Broil grills are surprisingly affordable compared to Traeger despite the premium quality and features. The Traeger grills are by far one of the costliest brands, and some of the models can cost you up to 2000 USD. But there are different prices for different models. So the price difference between the two could range anywhere from 200-600 USD.


In terms of built and quality, both the Traeger and Char-Broil grills are premium. Both use stainless steel, and there is no compromise on the quality. They are robust grills, and you can expect them to last for years after purchase. 

Temperature control 

The temperature control on both the Traeger and Char-Broil performs well. They provide a steady cooking experience, and you can control them remotely as well. 

Temperature range

Temperature-wise, the Char-Broil can reach up to 500 degrees while the Trager grills have a maximum range of 450 degrees. So the Char-Broil has a slight edge over the Traeger grills.

Cooking space 

The cooking space on the grill depends on your needs. But both the Traeger and the Char-Broil grills offer a wide range of sizes for you to choose like small, medium, and large. 

Pellet hopper size

Both the Char-Broil and Traeger grills’ pellet hoppers can hold up to 18 pounds of wood pellets. So there is practically no difference, and you get the same cooking duration.


The Char-Broil stands on top compared to the Traeger when it comes to warranty. While the Traeger grills come with a three-year warranty, the Char-Broil grill offers you a five-year warranty on all their products. Along with that, you get an additional one-year warranty for all parts of the grill.

Extra features

Both the Traeger and Charbroil have everything to offer for the ultimate grilling experience in terms of features. You get remote control capabilities, digital screens, intelligent apps for mobile, WiFi connectivity, etc. But the Char-Broil does have a slight edge because of their innovative TRU Infrared technology, which radiates back the heat for better cooking results.  

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