Costco brisket: Are they any good?

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There is nothing like juicy and tender barbequed meat. But of course, you can’t have that with any random brisket. If you’re looking for a good quality brisket at a reasonable price, Costco brisket is a good choice. 

Whether you want the flat cut (first cut with less fat), or the pointcut (the second cut with plenty of fat, also called the deckle), or a whole packer (untrimmed with both flat and point cut), you can get it at a great price. 

If you’re not familiar with Costco briskets by chance, you can obtain some tips and ideas to pick the right piece of meat. However, you should also be ready to see some negative reviews about Costco brisket.

How much does a brisket cost at Costco?

The price of a Costco brisket Prime was $3.79 per pound onwards in 2019-2020, depending on the cut, size, and weight. However, the price might vary from place to place, and the same piece might be more expensive in another place. It might be costlier now since brisket became more costly in recent times.

What is the best grade of brisket?

Prime brisket is the best grade as it has more marbling than other types. The Choice is second and Select in third place. There are others below these, but they are not as popular as these three.

Is Prime brisket worth the money?

A Prime brisket has more fat than the other types. Hence, the cooked meat is juicier, more tender, and extra tasty than the others. Besides, you can trim it in any way you want before smoking if you buy a whole packer. So, yes, Prime brisket is worth the money.

Should I buy trimmed or untrimmed brisket?

There is no strict rule and answer regarding this question because it all comes down to our preferences. I would like an untrimmed brisket so that I can cut and trim according to my choice. But you might like it trimmed better than untrimmed. So, consider all the aspects and buy the type that will work best for you.

What size brisket should I buy?

The size of a brisket also depends on how many people are going to eat it. Butchers and experts suggest half-pound raw weight per person. You can calculate the number of people and then buy the brisket with some extra quantity so that everyone has a good portion.

How can you tell a good brisket?

A good brisket should look fresh, with pinkish-red color devoid of any stink. It should also be thick, with considerable fat, and have a regular flat without tapering in the end. 

How to choose the best Costco brisket?

If you visit any Costco store in your area, you will see the best meat in different sizes and quantities. Thus, you have a wide range of products to choose from. So, how to select the best Costco brisket? It is a tricky question to answer because we all have different preferences. What I like may not be your favorite and vice versa. But here are some aspects that you should consider while buying a brisket.

  • Uniformity in thickness: Many briskets narrow down to one side, resulting in dryness and unbalanced cooking. Besides, there would be plenty of wasted meat in the end. Hence, choose a whole brisket whose thickness is the same all the way through. 

  • Grade: You have three choices at the top; Prime, Choice, and Select. While Prime is the first on the list, Choice also comes highly recommended. Even though it has less marbling (fat between the muscles), it is of high quality. 

  • Select has the least amount of fat among the three. While brisket with a high amount of marbling is more tender and juicier when cooked, some people may not prefer too much fat on the meat. You can therefore buy the type which you like best.

  • Avoid thin brisket flats: Very slender brisket flats are suitable for oven braising but not barbequing as they tend to dry out. You can buy a thicker brisket that you can trim to the right size for a perfect outcome. 

  • Choose the ideal size: Butchers typically suggest half-pound uncooked weight per person, but you can take some extra quantity. That way, your guests can enjoy ample portions, and you will not have to worry whether it will be sufficient or not. 

What is the best way to use a Costco brisket?

You now have an idea about a Costco brisket. You must be thinking about making it into a tasty, juicy, and tender meat dish. It’s a little tricky because everybody likes their meat differently. Once you buy your brisket, you have to prepare and barbeque it. 

  • Trim the brisket with a good knife till it is about ¼ inch in thickness.

  • Get rid of any hard or unwanted fat that can hinder the seasoning or cooking.

  • Rub in the seasoning of your choice and let it set in the fridge for 12-24 hours. Make sure to wrap it up nicely before refrigerating.

  • It is essential to cook it at the right temperature and recommended for maximum taste and texture. The time for smoking depends on the quantity and size of the brisket. For instance, a 10 pound requires 6-9 hours, while a 20 pound will need about 12-16 hours smoking on a 250-degree (Fahrenheit) grill.  

  • pellet grill is the best option to cook your brisket. You can smoke it at a balanced temperature and also fill it with a natural flavor. If you’re up for experimenting with smoke flavors, try maple, oak, cherry, hickory, apple, or pecan. 

  • Experts also suggest cooking the brisket with the fatty part down. It is mainly for two reasons: Firstly, if fat is on the upper side, it can dribble down and wipe away the tasty seasoning. Secondly, the lovely and crunchy brisket bark will not form if the fatty side is on top.

  • Just follow the simple tips to the dot, and your brisket will turn into a delicious dish when cooked.


While there are certain aspects to consider while buying a Costco brisket, as stated above, it all depends on your choice in the end. If you can get a brisket with an even flat with a considerable amount of fat and is fresh, you can cook it to perfection. Simply follow the tips, and the outcome will be delicious and juicy barbequed meat. 

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