Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Smoke

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Smoking is one of the first and traditional food preparation techniques. Smoking is a popular but ancient technique of cooking, flavoring, and browning the meat and other various foods over a fire. People usually love to eat smoke foods due to their particular taste and beautiful color.

Usually, Wood chips are added to the fire to produce smoke and give a smoky flavor to the food. Nowadays, there are contemporary smokers available to smoke food items. 

Smoking is a fantastic technique to bring taste in your everyday food items. Many people think that only meat can be smoked, but I will let you know there are many other food items that you can smoke for a better and unique taste. Let’s have some insight regarding which food items you can smoke.

The Seven Amazing Things You Didn’t Know You Could Smoke

1. Nuts

One of the most popular smoked foods is nuts. There are several kinds of nuts that are smoked and commercially available in the market. Smoking gives nuts an extraordinary taste and crunch, which you cannot resist. Pecans, walnuts, peanuts cashews, and many more nuts you can smoke, but you will find these nuts are tasty and you can comfortably smoke them at home.

Grab a metal plate and places your favorite nuts in a single layer.

Set the smoker temperature between 215°F and 230°F. Let the nuts smoke for 2hlf and hours. Sometimes you can sprinkle some olive oil on these nuts but don’t drizzle anything. You can add these smoked nuts in your salad, rice, or any other dish. These smoke nuts are healthy for munching too.

2. Smoked Egg

Delicious and lip-smacking smoked egg; you will forget the taste of different versions of eggs after tasting a smoked egg. It is healthy and super tasty in all aspects. If you are diet-conscious or want to impress your husband, then forget about boiled or poached eggs and try to smoke them. They are healthy and tasty.

Super Hard-boiled eggs do categorically good in the smoker. Hard boil your eggs and peel them. Preheat your smoker at 220°F and put the eggs in them. It will usually take fifteen to twenty minutes to smoke the eggs. Smoking will boost the taste of hard boil eggs. Remember, don’t overdo with smoking.

I love to take a dip with smoked eggs, mayo and mustard. This spread goes well with a slice of bread. You must try smoked eggs; you will love them. You can smoke oblate also.

3. Smoked Macaroni and Cheese

Usually, all love macaroni and cheese. Several recipes on the internet tell you how to make a new version of macaroni and cheese. My family and relatives love my recipe for macaroni and cheese. Trust me, macaroni and cheese is a definite pleasure food for everyone. 

If you are going to make macaroni today, then why not you put it in a smoker? Smoking will give it another level of flavor and zing. I’m going to share my trick with you; make your recipe of macaroni then put it in the smoker for thirty minutes. 

After thirty minutes, you will be amazed by the results. Always use some milder forms of cheeses like mozzarella and sharp cheddar. The slighter cheese absorbs the Smokey flavor very well. Must try this and I assure you will love it. 

4. Smoked Fruits

Fruits are traditionally the perfect for snacking and healthy munching. People love to consume fruits when they are lazy to cook. Do you what happens when fruits are smoked or exposed to some heat? They turn out completely different in taste and texture. Grilled fruit is one of the yummiest snacks on earth, in my opinion, and you can serve them even at your parties too.

Smoking fruit at low temperatures is even a better idea to get a divine taste. Slow smoking ads the smoky flavor, and heat enhance the natural sweetness of the fruit. First of all, I share a general technique of smoking which you can play almost on every fruit. Cut the fruit in two halves, and des eyed it.

Set a target temperature between 200°F to 230°F. Let them smoke for half an hour 30 minutes, and have a real divine-style dessert for your family and friends. You can smoke lemons too for cook tails and other precipices. You can also smoke peaches, mangoes, strawberries, apples, and even grapes and cherry tomatoes.

5. Smoked Apples

Apples are an idyllic fruit to grilled or smoke because they can be cored easily. You can fill these cored apples and filled with a variety of other food items to infuse them with more flavor. Never peel the apple before grilling or smoking because skin holds the fruit and help him heat evenly. It is best to use reliable and crisp apple varieties as compared to soft ones. 

First of all, scope out the seeds and some apple flesh to create a cavity. Now there is a cavity in apple, and you can add anything in it. For your idea, I tell you, you can add cinnamon, and brown sugar, jam, and cream cheese. I stuff the cavity of the apples with some raisins, crushed almonds, and maple syrup.

6. Smoked Mangoes

These yellow fruits are the most delicious fruit on the planet. Cut the mangoes in two halves and de-seed it. Don’t remove the skin. Preheat the smoke on 225F and put the mangoes in the smokerSmoke and heat turned the mangoes into a delicious treat that no one can resist.

7. Smoked Peaches and Pears

 Peach and pear both are favorite fruits for grilling and smoking. Select the peaches which are sturdy and cut them in two halves. De-seed them and put them in the smoker by skin side down. Smoker temperature should be 225 F and smoke them for half an hour.

 After half an hour, peaches are tanned and caramelized. After grilling, you can peel the skin and enjoy the peaches and pears. Try them if you never grilled your peaches and pears.

Fruits Which Should Not Smoked

Such fruits, which are soft in texture or juicier, should not smoke. Fruits such as bananas, grapes, melon, and watermelon should not be smoked because these fruits are comprised of water, and doing the grilling, they erase all water.

Smoked Vegetables

The smoking technique is not limited to meats and fruits. You can smoke your vegetables too. Vegetables can be smoked like any other food item. You can smoke almost every type of vegetable.

From bell peppers, eggplant, crunchy zucchini, lemon, and the list is so long. 

You can cold or hot smoke both the ways your vegetables. I like to smoke asparagus, carrots, and tomatoes. You can’t smoke all vegetables at some time because every vegetable has a different smoke time. Pick some sturdy and thick stalk of asparagus and drizzle some olive oil and salt.

Preheat the electric smoker and put them at 225F temperature for ninety minutes. If you are new to a vegan diet, then smoke vegetables are a blessing for you. You can follow a vegan diet so easily by smoking your vegetables. Carrots take almost two hours to smoke; similarly, every vegetable takes different time.

The Final Words

Smoking is very easy, and you can easily do it at home without any tension. Buy a good kind of smoker to enjoy the smoked food items. Undoubtedly smoking is a great technique to add more flavor and distinct smoky taste to your food items.

I hope now you have a better idea of smoking your fruits and vegetables. Now you also have an idea which fruits taste better after grilling or smoking. If you never tried smoking or grilling with fruits, then gives it a try, and you will love it.

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