Pit Boss Vs. Blackstone Griddles

Have you been wondering the difference between Pit Boss and Blackstone griddles? Continue reading as we list some of the products from both manufacturers to help you understand and choose one. Furthermore, we will help debunk some of the commonly asked about griddles, including:

  • How to choose a griddle?
  • Are cast iron griddles better than stainless steel griddles?
  • Which brand is better: Blackstone or Pit Boss?

Both Blackstone and Pit Boss are well-known for manufacturing griddles with different specifications and features. Blackstone products are known for their well-constructed griddles. Pit Boss is famous for its pellet grills using wood pellets as fuel to make steak or any food items.

Product Reviews 

Pit Boss 3 Ultimate Griddle

If you’re looking for a portable griddle, this product from Pit Boss is worth giving a shot. This skillet runs on gas and has a trash and paper towel holder. It comes with three burners allowing even heat distribution and is easy to use.

The cooking surface area is 536 sq. inches and is coated with non-stick ceramic coating, thus preventing rust and scratches. It also features a lift-cooking top preventing the cooking surface area from getting wet, dirt, and dust. 


  • The Pit Boss 3 Ultimate griddle comes with a two-year warranty.
  • This griddle is easy to carry around, making it an excellent outdoor grill.
  • The cooking surface area is easy to clean.


  • This model is pretty heavy.

Pit Boss 2 Table Top Burner Griddle

Pit Boss is perfect for a family of four to five. It’s lightweight, with a cooking surface area measuring 289 sq. inches. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about seasoning the surface area as it’s already pre-seasoned. It also features two burners suitable for camping, picnic, and tailgating.


  • Excellent grease management system making it easier to clean.
  • It’s a highly durable product.


  • You may expect an uneven distribution of heat.

Pit Boss Sportsman Portable 2

This Sportsman model from Pit Boss is perfect for outdoor adventure as it’s pretty light and easy to carry around. The cooking area of this grill measures 300 sq. inches, suitable for making different food items at once. It also features a cover to prevent dust, water, and dirt from entering the cooking surface area. It has foldable legs making it a convenient product.


  • It’s a versatile griddle with robust features.
  • The grease management system is good, allowing users to clean without hassle.


  • May not be suitable for large outdoor events.

Blackstone 1554

Blackstone 1554 is a 36-inch flat top grill perfect for large families or groups, allowing multiple cooking at once. This is suitable for big outdoor events featuring foldable legs with wheels, making it easier to move around. The cooking surface area is 720 sq. Inches and features four burners allowing even heat distribution. This skillet is well-built and constructed to stand rust and corrosion.


  • It comes with a spacious cooking surface area.
  • This grill is easy to use and maintain.


  • The grease drain is prone to clogging, causing oil or grease to drip.

Blackstone 1666

This heavy-duty flat top grill from Blackstone is excellent for outdoor cooking and suitable for a family of four or five. The grill is versatile and has multiple features, including two H-style burners that allow even heat distribution. It’s a compact design griddle enabling you to fit anywhere and take less space for storage. The grill’s cooking surface area is 361 sq—inches, spacious enough for cooking different food items in a go.


  • Excellent portability factor allowing you to carry it anywhere.
  • It distributes heat evenly.


  • The igniters are not too durable and don’t function after some time.

Blackstone 1555

If you’re on a budget, we recommend Blackstone 1555. This model is great for families and has one of the largest cooking surface areas measuring 512 sq. Inches. It’s a versatile product providing cooking space both for grilling and cooking. The grill also comes with adjustable legs allowing you to adjust according to your height. It features an electric ignitor to control heat and comes with two large grease traps avoiding the tripping of oil or grease on the grill.


  • This model features both a griddle plate and a multipurpose grill.
  • The product is well-built and constructed.


  • It’s pretty heavy and hard to carry around.

How to choose a griddle?

If you’re a beginner, you’d probably be confused about what griddle type you should buy or which brands to choose. Whether Blackstone, Pit Boss, or other griddle manufacturers, all come with different features and specifications. Therefore, it’s vital to consider various factors before you buy one. Additionally, considering these factors will help you choose one suitable and convenient for you. Here are some of the highlighted factors:

  • Cooking Surface

One of the crucial factors to consider before buying a griddle is the cooking surface area. The cooking area determines how many food items you can prepare at once. Smaller cooking surfaces measure between 200 sq. Inches-400 sq. Inches. The cooking area in large griddles varies between 700 sq. Inches-800 sq. Inches, which can make dozens of sausages or burgers in a go. So, choose one convenient and suitable for you.

  • Burners

It’s also important to consider the number of burners. A burner helps reduce or balance the temperature in the cooking surface area, and each burner features a separate ignitor to regulate the heat. Opting for multiple burners is a great if you love to cook multiple foods simultaneously.

  • Material

Griddle material is also one of the crucial factors to consider when buying this grill appliance. Stainless steel cooking surface is resistant to rust and has excellent durability factors if adequately taken care of. Additionally, it doesn’t take time to heat. 

Carbon steel is also one of the common materials used in outdoor grills. But before using it, you need to season it with oil to prevent rusting. Compared to stainless steel, it is less expensive but less durable. Cast iron cooking surface area produces intense heat; however, it can be pretty heavy.

  • Griddle type

Another factor to consider when buying this appliance is understanding the griddle type. You can get two types: tabletop and griddles with a cart. Tabletop or portable griddles are usually small and suitable for a small family. You need a flat surface to place this griddle like a picnic table. Griddles with carts are large and easy to move around. Additionally, the cooking surface area is spacious in this griddle type.

  • Cleaning

Cleaning a griddle is essential to avoid rusting and extend the appliance’s longevity. So, look for a model that is easy to clean and wash. We recommend opting for a grill with a detachable surface area as it’s easier to clean.

Are cast iron griddles better than stainless steel griddles?

Both cast iron and stainless-steel griddles come with different features, and it depends on the requirements you’re looking for. Stainless steel is a good conductor of heat, allowing even heat distribution. It is lightweight compared to cast iron. When it comes to durability, cast iron lasts longer than stainless steel. 

Stainless steel is great for camping or any outdoor event because of its lightweight features. Cast iron would be a good choice for home use as it’s pretty heavy.

Which brand is better: Blackstone or Pit Boss?

There is no definite answer to this as both brands have created a niche as griddle manufacturers. Undeniably, Blackstone’s product range is massive compared to Pit Boss and is often the customer’s first choice. Regardless, both have various models offering great features and functionality. The choice lies with you eventually. 

Pit Boss 3 Ultimate Griddle Vs. Blackstone 1554: Which is better?

Features Pit Boss 3 Ultimate GriddleBlackstone 1554
Cooking Surface Area536 sq. inch720 sq. inch
FuelPropane Propane
Cooking Surface MaterialNon-ceramic coatingCold-rolled steel

Both models from Pit Boss and Blackstone are brilliant products with great features. But Blackstone 1554 stays ahead of Pit Boss 3 when it comes to the cooking surface area. If you’re looking for a spacious cooking space, this model from Blackstone would be perfect. Additionally, it’s cheaper and comes with four burners, whereas Pit Boss only has three burners. However, if you want a skillet with a top cover, choose Pit Boss 3.

When it comes to the weight, both are pretty heavy. Fortunately, these models come with wheels making it easier to move around. Looking at the overall aspect, Blackstone 1554 would be a better choice. Pit Boss 3 is a great product, but Blackstone is ahead of the game if you’re looking for a cost-effective griddle and ample cooking space.

Pit Boss 2 Table Top Burner Griddle Vs. Blackstone 1666: Which is better?

FeaturesPit Boss Table Top Burner GriddleBlackstone 1666
Cooking Surface Area289 sq. inch361 sq. inch
Cooking Surface MaterialCast ironHeat rolled steel

Pit Boss 2 and Blackstone 1666 are tabletop griddles perfect for a family of four or five. But if you like a larger cooking space, the Blackstone model would be a better choice. Both models feature two burners allowing even heat distribution. The cooking surface material is cast iron which can take some time to heat up, but the warmth stays longer once it heats up. 

Whereas heat-rolled steel material is used in Blackstone, it tends to heat up quickly. If you look at the durable factor, cast iron has better longevity than steel material, although it can be pretty heavy. These products are available at a reasonable price, offering almost similar features. 

Our verdict for these products is a tie. These are excellent tabletop griddles offering versatility and an excellent durable factor. Both models are great for family outdoor events. You can carry these models anywhere though the Pit Boss model might be heavier.

Pit Boss Sportsman Portable 2 Vs. Blackstone 1555: Which is better

FeaturesPit Boss Sportsman Portable 2Blackstone 1555
Cooking Surface Area300sq. inch512 sq. inch
Cooking Surface MaterialStainless steelStainless steel

Pit Boss Sportsman portable is a stylishly designed griddle featuring a cover top and foldable leg with wheels. Blackstone 1555 comes with adjustable legs but is devoid of wheels, making it hard to move around as it’s pretty heavy. However, this model from Blackstone offers a dual cooking feature where you can both grill and cook.

Looking at the price aspect, Blackstone is expensive compared to Pit Boss. However, it comes with various features with multiple functional parts. Additionally, the cooking space is more extensive and spacious than Pit Boss. However, if you’re into camping or any outdoor activities, we recommend Pit Boss sportsman. This product is easy to carry around despite heavy since it has wheels. Additionally, it’s more compact and takes less space to store.

Our final thought on these products is a tie. These models from both manufacturers have many distinct features that cater to different sections of the people. For instance, the Blackstone model is great for a large family or group who loves to prepare food items at once. In contrast, Pit Boss is great for camping, picnicking, and other outdoor adventures.

So, if you’re on a budget with a compact design, you can opt for Pit Boss. But if you like a giant space cooking area, you can choose Blackstone. The choice is yours! 


Pit Boss and Blackstone are well-known for manufacturing quality griddles. And we know it can be pretty challenging to choose one, especially if you’re new. Hopefully, this article has helped clarify your confusion and cleared your doubt. Eventually, it’s your choice, and we hope you opt for one that suits your needs and requirements.