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Did you thin down your options to Traeger vs. Weber grill? That is understandable. Both of them being highly reputable brands with fantastic choices of grills, it gets hard to choose.

Here, we will compare and bring to light the strong and weaker points of both brands.

To break down and take a closer look, let’s compare the two top-notch grills of the two companies:

Weber Original Kettle Vs. Traeger Pro 575

Weber rightfully takes pride in their Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill. The product is known for its built-in lid thermometer, which effortlessly tells the temperature and allows us to adjust accordingly. On the other hand, Traeger upped their game, connecting smartphones to the Pro 575 pellet grill through Traeger App.

They call it the WiFIRE® technology. Indeed it’s a real game-changer that we can check and control the grill temperature from wherever we may be. Both the grills stand out in their ways:

  • Enjoying the hot, flavorful roasted pork is one thing; cleaning the grill is another thing. The aftermath of an excellent elaborated meal isn’t welcoming- especially if you do not have employees cleaning for you. You might want to consider Weber Original Kettle if you wish for a more straightforward cleaning system. Their One-Touch cleaning system empties the ashes quickly through an ash catcher, which is removable and has a vast space.
  •  Another great feature is the hinged grate which will simplify you’re adding more charcoal when you’re grilling.
  • It comes with hooks for tools. This is great because we want all the required accessories like tongs and spatula right where we can reach quickly.

Traeger Pro 575

  • One great feature of Traeger pro 575 is the built-in meat probe. It helps find out the condition of the food without opening the lid, which is very convenient.
  • This pro series comes with rugged wheels appropriate for all seasons and suits well in all types of land. 

Consider this comparison table of specifications.

Total Area for Cooking363 square inches575 square inches
Height39.5 inches53 inches
Width22.5 inches41 inches
Depth27 inches27 inches
Capacity13 burgers24 burgers

Company Overview


Joe Traeger made the first original pellet grill in 1985, which he patented in 1986. Patenting indicates that Traeger had the sole ownership of the ideas and procedures to develop smokers for a certain period. He founded the company in 1987, selling the first commercial pellet grill in 1988. Since then, those smokers became the choice of many foodies and cooking enthusiasts. The patent expired in 2006, and Traeger started facing competition right away. Others manufacturers started developing smokers with competitive prices and innovation. Nevertheless, thanks to their popularity, quality, and image they built over the years, they still dominate the market.

Traeger was a family-owned company until they sold it in 2006. At the initial stage, they manufactured their grills from the United States. However, they have moved the production base to China. 

What is Traeger most known for?

Traeger has established itself among many consumers as one of the best manufacturers of grills powered mainly by wood pellets.

Watch this video to understand why Traeger is an excellent choice.


Weber was founded on 8th May 1983 by George A. Stephen. George made his first original kettle barbecue in his workplace, Weber Brothers Metal Works. Although it looked weird, the barbecued food tasted great. Even his neighbors, who once laughed, loved the taste of food made on it. Slowly more people came to know and wanted it too. George began to sell his creation and bought himself the workplace renaming it to Weber-Stephen Products Company.

What is Weber mostly known for?

Weber is known for producing and selling outdoor charcoal grills, charcoal smokers, electric and gas grills. 

Watch this video to get some helpful tips and advice for your Weber’s first use.

Weber Vs. Traeger

Before buying a grill, there are some essential aspects you should consider. It would be unfair to compare the quality of a thousand-dollar smoker with a few hundred dollars worth of product. However, the point is to find the one with features that suits your circumstances best. Let’s examine those characteristics of both the brands:

Price: It is no brainer that the price range differs according to the model and size you choose. Generally, for Traeger, the cost starts from around five hundred dollars. As for Weber, you can find a portable grill starting from about seventy-five dollars. The brand, of course, has grills like the Summit series that charge up to almost four thousand dollars.

Traeger smokers like Pro 575 require you to have a higher budget than Weber’s original kettle. While shopping on a limited budget, you might want to consider Weber’s affordable ranges.

Warranty: Traeger grills come with 03 years warranty which is excellent and trustworthy enough. On the other hand, Weber smokers come with a 01 to 10 years warranty depending on the product and part.

Construction: Weber wood pellet grills are produced in the United States, while the parts are sourced worldwide.  

The lid of Weber’s original kettle is coated with porcelain ensuring no-rust. It also comes with hooks that hold related accessories. For all other models as well, Weber exhibits innovation with quality.

On the other hand, Traeger has been an example setter in delivering advanced technology with quality. Although it had to face some bad press after starting to manufacture from China, it’s backed by a sturdy foundation. 

Temperature Control: Both the brands offer innovative and easy temperature control. With the WiFIRE® technology, you’re connected to your most Traeger grills through your phone. This gives you precise control over the temperature of your grill like an oven does. 

Most Weber smokers have an advanced lid with a thermometer integrated into it. This shows the temperature of the inner cooking space without having to lift the lid. Accordingly, you can adjust the dampers and control the temperature quickly.

Temperature Range: Traeger pellet smokers have a temperature range up to 500 degrees, while Weber boasts a higher maximum temperature scale of 200 to 600 degrees.

Cooking Space: Traeger has a comprehensive option of sizes, just as Weber does. Traeger Pro 575 is built with a more extensive cooking area than Weber Original Kettle. If your purpose of buying a grill is for commercial purposes or larger gatherings, you might want to choose Traeger. 

Now that you have done the background check, I hope you bring home the right smoker soon. It will be a warm winter, fun, and cheerful spring with that grill in your backyard. 

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