Crowd Cow Review

Are you passionate about high-quality, nutritious and delicious meat? In that case, you can get high-quality beef without having to visit a store with Crowd Cow.

It has won the attention of meat lovers due to its high level of quality. They also claim to have a wide range of menu selections, including A5 Wagyu, considered the best beef.

Let’s find out if all these claims are true.

Crowd cow review

What is Crowd Cow?

Crowd Cow is a marketplace that provides high-quality beef and meat brought directly from local farms and ranches. It is a subscription-based online meat store with exceptional delivery service. Crowd Cow offers you various meat such as beef, chicken, pork, lamb, Wagyu, and even seafood.

Besides, they are starting a revolution in the meat industry as they try to connect the farmer and the consumer. One cannot compare store-bought meat and Crowd Cow meat because their quality is much superior.

Bone-in Ribeye Steak

Gloriously beefy, the ribeye’s inherently rich marbling results in a buttery round finish like none other. Look forward to carving into this meaty masterpiece with gusto.

 Bone-in Ribeye Steak

How does Crowd Cow work?

Crowd Cow only works with small farms and ranches that provide high-quality meat. They allow you to build your box, select the cuts you love, and from the very best farms. Moreover, they also provide you with all the background information about the farm, and it’s raised.

Another great thing about Crowd Cow is that you can customize your box according to your preference. You can also adjust or reschedule your order and make specific changes to your parcel before they start packing.

Is Crowd Cow a good deal?

Crowd claims they are strictly committed to quality while distributing the meat to its customers. They source both pasture-raised meat and grass-fed meat from independent farms. Besides, they have a wide menu selection, from fresh meat cuts to sustainable seafood. Crowd Cow also provides Japanese Wagyu, which is considered as a ‘super beef.’

Moreover, they claim that each specific cut of meat goes through a flavor expert to ensure a good meal experience at home. Thus, if you enjoy high-quality meat, Crowd cow is a good deal.

Is Crowd Cow Wagyu real?

Wagyu beef is considered a superior quality beef that is imported from Japan. It is different from the American steak in looks as well as taste. It has more marbling on the meat and is also tastier; it melts in your mouth. Various other factors make Wagyu beef different from regular beef. However, if you wish to know more about the technical details and genetics of Wagyu beef, you can click here. 

Crowd Cow had partnered with a farm in Kagoshima, Japan, to import some authentic A5 Japanese Wagyu beef. In A5 beef, the marbling score is above eight on a score of 1 to 12. Crowd Cow has managed to import a limited amount of Wagyu beef even though Japan has limited its export amount.

Does Crowd Cow come frozen?

Crowd Cow flash freezes their beef to preserve quality and taste and directly ship to kits customers. Crowd Cow sources its meat worldwide; therefore, it is difficult to preserve it without freezing it.

According to USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), “frozen food remains safe indefinitely” in a freezer. Also, the USDA has offered some recommendations on how to keep the meat in the freezer.  

Crowd Cow Vacuum sealed all their beef; thus, it can be kept in the freezer for a long time. You can click on the link if you want to know how to store frozen beef for a more extended period.

Which is better, Butcher box or Crowd Cow?

Butcher box and Crowd Cow are delivery services that provide online meat boxes to their customers. Both of them claim to deliver fresh and high-quality meat. Given below is a side-by-side comparison of Butcher box and Crowd Cow to find out which is better.

  • Subscription

Butcher box focuses mainly on subscription-based meat delivery services. On the other hand, Crowd Cow offers both a la carte and subscription with flexible delivery options.

  • Shipping charges

Butcher box offers free delivery as it does not charge any amount for shipping. On the contrary, Crowd Cow provides free delivery only on orders above $99. 

  • Transparency

Butcher box includes many guidelines in their policy. Also, they provide very little information about the type of meat they source and from where it is raised. On the contrary, Crowd Cow’s policy is fully transparent.

Moreover, they give detailed information like the type of meat, where, and how it has been produced. Thus, Crowd Cow is better when it comes to transparency.

  • Customer service

Butcher box customer service is not excellent as there are numerous complaints on their website which remain unresolved. Moreover, they do not quickly respond to the queries and doubts of their customers. For instance, if you have a problem with your order, it will take days to resolve. 

On the other hand, Crowd Cow has more positive comments than negative ones. Besides, they provide exceptional customer service as they try to resolve and fix any issues as soon as possible.

The above mentioned are some of the few differences between a Butcher box and a Crowd Cow. As both are in the meat delivery business, there are plenty of similarities and differences between them. Thus, if you wish to know more about them before deciding which is better, you can click here.

Is Crowd Cow worth it?

After all that we’ve read and tasted so far, we believe that Crowd Cow is worth every penny you spent on it. Both in terms of meat quality and the delivery service, they provide exceptional quality to their customers.

There is a wide selection of meat, and also the flexible delivery service is quite impressive. Besides, their excellent customer care service has made Crowd Cow the best online meat delivery service.