Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

Struggling with blunt kitchen blades? We will unravel some of the best electric knife sharpeners that are worth giving a shot. Additionally, we’ll answer some of the commonly asked questions, including:

  • Can electric knife sharpeners damage your knives?
  • What do professional chefs use to sharpen their knives?
  • How can I tell whether my knife is 15 or 20 degrees sharp?

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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Chef’s Choice 320

  • It’s available in five different colors/finishes.
  • It uses diamond abrasive for sharpening the wheel.
  • Easy to maintain and clean

Chef’s Choice is one of the reputed brands known for producing high-quality, and it’s not surprising that people love their products. Chef’s choice 320 is one of the less expensive models from this brand, and if you’re on a budget, this would be a good choice. 

It’s designed as a two-stage system to sharpen 20-degree knives only, European and American. This model is simple as it involves only two stages, i.e., coarse sharpening for dull edges and stropping stage for polishing.

What we like

Easy maintenance: This knife sharpener is easy to maintain and clean, and it has a magnetic clean-out cover that collects metal shavings from sharpening. And this metal residue can be removed using a paper towel or toothbrush.

Affordable: Compared to other Chef’s Choice models, this knife sharpener is available at a reasonable price, making it accessible to any user.

Two-stage process: It’s a simple two-stage process involving coarse sharpening and stropping stage, and it’s easy to do if you follow the manual.


  • It’s available in five different colors/finishes.
  • It uses diamond abrasive for sharpening the wheel.


  • The knife sharpener is not suitable for thin blades.

Are electric knife sharpeners bad for your knives?

Electric knife sharpeners may not be the most versatile tool out there as it’s subjected to certain conditions and limitations. There is no definite answer to this, although we’d like to say it doesn’t pose a direct threat to your knife. The question lies with how you use it.

Undeniably, most of us may have the same notion that all knives are the same and don’t require any specific sharpeners. Therefore, before buying an electric knife sharpener, it’s vital to consider multiple factors. That way, you can choose one compatible with your knife blades and don’t cause any harm. 

However, knife professionals beg to differ. If you don’t know, knife blades come under two categories: American and Asian blades. So, before buying an electric sharpener, it’s vital to consider your knife’s type. Additionally, it’s advisable to read the instructions given by the manufacturers so that you can correctly sharpen your knife. Many people don’t follow the manual and end up spoiling their knives.

How do professional chefs sharpen their knives?

Every chef may have a different approach to sharpening their knives. Some chefs replace them if it gets dull, and some hire a professional knife sharpener to sharpen their knife blades. Sharpening a kitchen knife may look simple, but it’s pretty complex. So, professional chefs often give their knives to reputed knife sharpeners to do this task.

Furthermore, professionals use a whetstone to sharpen their blades. It’s one of the preferred tools among chefs and has been in practice for decades. Whetstone is also known by different names such as:

  • Water stone
  • Honing stone
  • Ceramic stone
  • Sharpening stone
  • Diamond stone

That said, there are two ways professional chefs apply to give a desirable edge on their blades: honing and sharpening.

Note that honing and sharpening are used separately, which most people often think is the same.

Honing: When it comes to honing, it’s a delicate process compared to sharpening. It realigns the edge of your knife’s blade while keeping the material as it is. Honing helps to keep the sharpness of your blade intact, and you can hone it as often as you want. For instance, if you’re an avid cook, you can hone your knife after each use. But if you don’t often cook, then once in a week or month would be fine.

Sharpening: Sharpening is more of an abrasive approach as it cuts the knife to attain the desired angle leaving metal residue behind. It’s efficient and offers durability if it’s done correctly. This method is often done to fix or strengthen the blade. 

Do Chefs Choice knife sharpeners wear out?

The longevity of a Chefs Choice knife sharpener depends on how you use it, plus the models. The brand is renowned for producing high-quality knife sharpeners, and most of their high-end models would last up to fifteen years, and the budget-friendly knife sharpener mostly lasts for seven years. 

Regardless, Chef’s Choice is famous for its long-durable knife sharpeners. The brand has varied collections from price to features allowing you to choose one that suits your knife types.

How do I know my knife is 15 or 20 degrees?

The simple way to know if your knife is 15 or 20 degrees is to check the manufacturer’s manual. You will get details about the knife, including the types. Professional knife makers have come up with different edges for various functions. Most knives are sharpened at an angle of 15 or 20 degrees, a total of 30 and 40 degrees, respectively.

American/ European knives are thicker and heavier than Asian knives, and they’re sharpened with a 20-degree facet. Additionally, they are double beveled, and both sides of the blades are sharpened. Asian blades are lightweight and are sharpened with a 15-degree facet. You can click this link for in-depth knowledge about Asian and Euro-American knife styles.

Understanding the aspect of knives helps to sharpen your knife correctly. It also allows you to choose a sharpener suitable for your knife’s blade, plus it gives durability. 

Are diamond knife sharpeners good?

Diamond knife sharpeners have become quite popular in recent years because they have good durability are practical, and lightweight. Unlike traditional whetstones, these sharpening stones don’t require much care, and Diamond stones are industrial-grade diamonds placed on a hard surface.

It’s sharp and can cut all steel types, including Japanese hard steel. Hence, it’s not surprising that most knife sharpener manufacturers use diamond stones for their sharpening material. 

Two types of synthetic diamonds are used as sharpeners: monocrystalline and polycrystalline diamond. Monocrystalline diamonds are costly and are more complex as compared to polycrystalline. But these diamonds are great for sharpening stones. 

So, diamond sharpeners with monocrystalline are good and highly effective against hard steel. Plus, they are suitable for repairing, honing, and sharpening. When it comes to polycrystalline, it’s less durable and less effective.

Although diamond sharpeners are practical, there is a limitation to them. For instance, a high-grit Waterstone would be preferable to obtain a fine finish on the blade’s edge. Hence, you will see professional knife sharpeners using diamond stones for honing repairing the edge of a knife’s blade but using a whetstone for the final touch.

Can you sharpen a knife with a diamond file?

Yes, you can sharpen a knife with a diamond file because of its coarse surface. However, you should go for a 600-grit needle to obtain an excellent result. Additionally, you can use a diamond file for various purposes, from shaping your jewelry’s precious stones to enlarging holes.

How long will a diamond stone last?

The lifespan of a diamond stone depends on the quality of the diamond stone, plus how often you use it. You have to note that nothing lasts forever, which applies to this sharpening stone. Undoubtedly, this sharpener has a good durability factor, but it will wear out eventually.

Although they are solid, constant rubbing with steel will reduce the coarseness of the stone, thus reducing its efficiency. A diamond stone can last for ten to twenty years if not used frequently. If you’re an avid user, it will last only for a few years. It also depends on how you take care of it. For a longer life span, proper maintenance of the stone, such as cleaning with water after every use, would be beneficial.

This electric knife sharpener collaborates with Ken Onion (American Knife-maker) and Work Sharp, resulting in a versatile sharpening tool system and knife. Unlike a regular electric knife sharpener which uses sharpening wheels, this model uses a flexible belt. You can expect brilliant results if used correctly. 

What we like

Speed control: This product is different from other electric knife sharpeners because of its speed control. You can control the sharpening speed with a knob to decrease or increase speed.

Versatility: It’s one of the most versatile electric sharpeners found in the market today. You can sharpen other tools, apart from sharpening kitchen knives, including scissors, axes, and more.

Size: If you’re looking for a small-sized electric knife sharpener, then this product would be perfect for you. It’s a small device that doesn’t take much space for storage.


  • It comes with a one-year warranty period.
  • The electric knife sharpener comes with an adjustable sharpening guide.


  • The electric sharpener is challenging to use, but it’s pretty simple with instructions.

Presto’s three-stage electric knife sharpener is a budget-friendly product with easy operation. If you’re looking for an affordable and straightforward electric sharpener, this would be a good choice.

What we like

Easy to use: This electric sharpener is easy to operate, allowing you to interchange blades without hassle. All you need is to move the switch to a different blade style.

Affordable: Presto 08810 is an affordable electric sharpener offering versatility which you would mostly see in the expensive ones.

Sturdy construction: It’s a solid-built electric sharpener though it’s made of plastic plus the little five suction cups underneath prevent the sharpener from wobbling when it’s switched on.


  • The warranty period for this electric knife sharpener is one year.
  • You can interchange blades by simply moving the switch.


  • It doesn’t have speed control, leading to a poor result.

This electric knife sharpener is fully guided, and if you’re a newbie, this would be a good choice for you. It comes with two sharpening modes and sharpening guides. 

What we like

Easy to use: Work Sharp E2 is fully automated, making it easier for you to operate. Additionally, following the instruction manual makes it simple to use.

Versatility: It can sharpen all kitchen knives, whether nakiri, scissors, paring, cleavers, or serrations. 

Automatic: This electric knife sharpener is predetermined, meaning it tells you when the sharpening process is done. That way, you will know when to stop and not overdo it.


  • It’s less aggressive, avoiding maximum metal residue from your knife.
  • The electric sharpener is easy to operate.


  • This product works on 120 V, which may not function in some countries.

The electric knife sharpener from WUSTHOF is USA-made and comes with three sharpening stages. The sharpener is efficient and has excellent functionality aspects.

What we like

Compact design: It’s lightweight and doesn’t take much space for storage. You can put it anywhere you want.

Multiple colors: You can also opt for different shades and not just be limited to a specific color.

Features: This sharpener has excellent features making it convenient for the user to operate without hassle. For instance, it has a long wire that connects the electric sharpener without needing an extension cord.


  • It’s handy and easy to operate.
  • The ergonomic features offer multiple benefits.


  • It’s not compatible with most knives.


If you’re an avid cook, investing in a good quality electric knife sharpener would be an excellent choice. If you’re a newbie and looking for one, we recommend Chef’s Choice 320

It’s available at an affordable price, easy to use, and compatible with most knives. You can instantly hone or sharpen your knife if you have this device.