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Traeger and Dyna Glo are both household names when it comes to grillers and smokers. One is a pioneer and the other an industry expert.

As a buyer, you’ll be wondering what qualities make one better than the other. Today, we’ll settle the Traeger vs. Dyna Glo argument and make sure you know which one fits your needs. 

To begin, let’s take a look at a flagship product from each brand.

The Dyna Glo Vertical Smoker

The Dyna Glo Vertical Smoker is unmatched if you want a budget-friendly smoker that gets the job done every time! It’s lightweight, affordable, and offers ample cooking space. 

This Vertical Smoker by Dyna Glo reverts to their classic smoker structures. So, you can expect both efficiency and durability. So, if you enjoy smoking those briquettes with smoking charcoal and some wood for flavor, this one’s an ideal choice. 

The 784 square-inch of cooking space is distributed across four grates stacked vertically. The main benefit here is that the smoke rises naturally to permeate whatever meat and veggies you arrange in there. 

Also, the Charcoal & Ash Management system prevents unnecessary mess. The top smoke stack and built-in thermometer are also handy additions to this unit. 

The Traeger Timberline 850

The Timberline 850 is a premium pellet smoker that redefines our idea of what grilling looks like. This classy unit combines hardware and metal with technology and easy operation. It’s essentially the complete pellet smoker for most users out there! 

With 850 square inches of cooking space, three cooking grates, and a Grease Management System, the Timberline 850 has it all.

Additional components like the bamboo cutting board, meat probe, grill hooks, etc., all add value to this already great griller.

But the standout feature, no doubt, is wireless control. Just download the Traeger App, and you can sit back to grill your food remotely. You can monitor the food, change temperatures, or even use the app to get a new grilling recipe! 

Here’s a brief comparison chart containing additional details of both items.

TypePremium Pellet GrillerBudget Charcoal Smoker
Size (Approx)21” x 21” x 50”46” x 28” x 51”
Primary FuelWood PelletsCharcoal

Overview of the Dyna Glo Brand

Dyna Glo has set itself up as a leader in both home and commercial grade grills/smokers. However, few people know that it’s a sub-brand of the GHP Group Inc. who also manufactures heating products, fireplaces, etc. 

The GHP Group Inc., Dyna Glo’s parent company, boasts executives with over 100 years of combined experience. So, you know you’re getting the industry’s best products. 

Dyna Glo stands out because they deliver quality grills and smokers at almost throwaway prices. You can pick any of their vertical smokers and still get a good deal. Their premium builds are also of exceptional quality. All in all, you can expect well-built and durable products that are affordable and easy to use.

Overview of the Traeger Brand

Formally known as the Traeger Wood Pellet Grills, this company has been in business for over three decades. Beginning in Oregon, back in the 90s, they’re credited as the original creators of the wood-fire grill. 

With their pioneering work in this niche, Traeger enjoys the distinction of being the top wood-fire grill seller globally. They specialize in wood pellet grills that come with set-and-forget mechanisms. So, it’s no wonder that they’re still the most sought-after brand in this category. 

Traeger combines modern technology like wireless connectivity along with traditional techniques of using wood as fuel. The Timberline 850 mentioned here is an example of this synergy. Put together; these features make Traeger’s grills among the best in the business.

Traeger Vs. Dyna Glo: The Timberline 850 and the Vertical Smoker

The Timberline 850 and Dyna Glo Vertical Smoker are both popular models in their category. So, it’s not fair to claim that one is objectively better than the other. 

Each unit brings something valuable to the table. And making a head-to-head comparison will reveal the differences in their strengths. 

Price: To understand how far these grills/smokers are in terms of type, you need to look no further than the stark price difference. While one is a premium pellet grill, the other is meant to be a pocket-friendly smoker. So, the price difference is not a fair comparison to end with. 

Temperature Control: The Dyna Glo Smoker comes with a temperature gauge built into the front. It has a stainless steel rim for added protection. This gauge makes it easy to check what levels your food is cooking in. The Timberline 850 blows the competition in this regard. You can use their native app to remotely monitor and adjust any temperature change using a personal device. 

Cooking Space: The Dyna Glo boasts a whopping 784 square inches of cooking space for all those meat and vegetables you wish to smoke. It’s remarkable because this vertical smoker is relatively compact and space-saving. 

The Timberline 850 also provides ample space with 850 square inches of cooking area. In the Timberline 850’s case, the cooking area is adequate but not surprising given the product’s dimensions. 

Portability: Both the Vertical Smoker and the Timberline 850 have decent portability, but for different reasons. For one, their dimensions are a world apart. The Dyna Glo Smoker has a neat size of 21” x 21” x 50” with four stands/legs. But it weighs a measly 54 pounds which makes it portable enough for most purposes. The Timberline is a giant that measures 46” x 28” x 51” and weighs over 200 pounds. But thanks to the all-terrain wheels, you can move them across flat surfaces. 

Warranty: The Vertical Smoker comes with a fragmented warranty clause. You’re guaranteed that no parts will be defective or broken during purchase. And the smoker’s components carry a warranty of one year. Also, they offer a 90-day warranty on the paint coat too. 

Traeger offers a three-year warranty on all their grills, including the Timberline 850. You can contact them for any defects in material, craft, etc., within this period. 

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