Pit Boss vs Charbroil – 2023 Comparison

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We have prepared a Pit Boss vs. Charbroil brand comparison for you to get a better understanding of what each brand has to offer.

Cooking outside is an enjoyable process. You can make it better by getting an excellent grill to suit your needs.

Let’s dive in!

Charbroil Patio Infrared Grill Vs. Pit Boss Portable 2 Burner

Being a reputed brand, both Char-broil and Pit Boss offers excellent products with distinct features. We bring to you two popular products from each brand to highlight the merits.

 First, these two products run on a different cooking system. Pit Boss portable two burners use propane for cooking while the Char-broil infrared patio uses electric infrared. So, here you have an option to choose the product according to your preferences. If you are more into the electric-based cooking style, then you can select a char-broil patio.

When it comes to portability, Pit Boss 2 burner stays a tad ahead in the game. The burner comes with a lift where you can take it anywhere. It also has a foldable stand which makes it convenient to carry—the compact design and built-in wheel salvage the shortcomings in the Char-broil patio.

Also, one of the essential factors to look at in a grill is the ease of cleaning. While grilling stains and grease are prone to happen. Fortunately, both the products are easy to clean and maintain. 

Now we foray into the most debatable question: what type of grill is better? Electric or fuel-based? It is normal to have split opinions and, in these products, there is a fair share of good negative and positive feedbacks. When it comes to fuel-based, there are complaints about the smell of gas in the food. In an electric-based grill, there is the issue of flexibility. Because if there is no power or a socket to a plugin, then you won’t be able to cook. 

Eventually, you always have the choice to select the product that is convenient for you. Both char- broil patio and Pit Boss burner are lovely products. It is affordable and serves multiple cooking purposes. They are quality products that offer durability and flexibility.


Dimension 26×24.2×38.5 inches32.68×19.69×14.06 inches
Cooking Area320 sq. in320 sq. in
BTU Value 1300018000
BurnerOne Two
Construction Powder-coated steelHeavy-duty stainless steel
Cooking systemElectric Infrared Gas 
Warranty90 days on grill partsFive years

An overview of Char-Broil brand

The char-broil is one of the divisions W.C. Bradley Co. It was formed in the year 1948. During the 1940s, with the growth of agriculture in the west, the company focus on creating portable cookers for leisure. The cooker was named char-broil. CB 19, also called char-broil 19, was the first iron-cast charcoal grill available in the market.

Today the brand manufactures multiple grill products with different features and types. The brand keeps evolving and keeps up-to-date with the latest technology.

Char-broil is a reputed brand that pioneers in introducing portable grills in the market. The brand keeps re-inventing and is known to develop some of the most innovative products. For instance, the char-broil patio infrared grill is an electric-based cooking style. With this, it removes the hassle of filling charcoal or taking extra fuel on a trip.

An overview of Pit Boss Brand 

Pit Boss is a subsidiary company under Dansons Inc. It was formed in the year 1999 by the Thiessen family. The brand has grown over the years and is known for its durability and craftsmanship.

Although the brand is famous for pellet grills, it also offers various portable grills and cookers. It provides ample options for you to choose the type you prefer, from vertical pellet smokers to flat-top grills.

Pit Boss is one of the reputable brands that offer a quality product at an affordable price. The brand manufactures its products in China. 

A comparison between Char-broil and Pit Boss

Char-broil and Pit Boss are two major brands that pioneered in creating some of the most versatile grills. Let’s get an insight into various factors that will determine the product.

Price – Cost is an essential factor that has a significant influence over the purchase of a product. Charbroil and Pit Boss offer a reasonable price for their products. They are known to develop quality products at an affordable price. Char-broil is also known to have cheap and high-end grills.

Product flexibility – When we said Char-broil and Pit Boss as pioneers of grills, we meant it. Both the brand has offered a multitude of products ranging from portable grills to electric grills. With a fantastic price range, you can select a product that suits your taste.

Char-broil provides a series of products from high-end to low cost. Pit Boss also has some stylish grills with unique features.

Cooking style – Today we see various types of cooking styles available in the market. Char-broil has every kind of cooking style instilled in their grills. From fuel-based to an electric sort of cooking, they have it all. Pit Boss is mainly known for pellet grills, and the portable grills mostly run on fuel.

If you are looking for different types of cooking styles, char-broil takes the lead. They have products that have dual cooking styles. The brand is also known for its innovative electric infrared that allows food to cook at a moderate temperature. 

Cooking space – Both char-broil and Pit Boss products have good cooking space. But Pit Boss allows more room to cook. Although char-broil provides sufficient space for all cooking types, Pit Boss has products that offer spacious cooking space even in their portable grills.

Warranty – A warranty gives an assurance the products are safe. And more the period of warranty duration, further it attests to the quality of the product. Char-broil hasn’t explicitly mentioned its warranty period, but it offers 90 days warranty on a functional grill. 

Pit Boss products come with a contract for five years. It is natural to opt for a product that offers an extended warranty period. Pit Boss is quite generous in providing this fantastic warranty period on their products.

Extra features – When it comes to their products, Pit Boss is pretty straightforward about what they offer. But there are lots of upgrades in their newer products. Char-broil products have more added features as compared to Pit Boss.

Char-broil excels in this as they provide unique features in their products. The brand is known for creating innovative features in its products. 

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