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A pallet grill is no small investment. However, when you buy an excellent pellet grill, it’s worth its weight in gold. Two titans spring to mind when thinking about smokers, and that’s Traeger and Yoder.

Finding the right pellet grill can be challenging. Numerous grills claim to be the best. I believe this Traeger vs. Yoder comparison will help you discover the right pellet grill.

About Traeger:

Traeger has mastered its craft in manufacturing wood-fired grills and is one of the industry’s best in decades. It invented the original wood-fired grill about 30 years ago in Mt. Angel, Oregon.

It also has its headquarters in Smoke Lake City, Utah. Apart from being the best-selling wood grill in the market for decades, Traeger is also a partner with the best chefs, events, and influencers worldwide.

About Yoder:

Yoder’s products are not just any barbecue pit that you can find in the local department store. Yoder’s smokers are also designed to last for a lifetime. The Yoder smokers are used for competing at the most extensive barbecue competitions. Therefore, it is the perfect option for backyard barbecues or BBQ competitions.

Construction of Traeger pellet grills 

In our Traeger grill review, we found they are steel, with a cylindrical shape. However, with time and experience, its product has become more spacious and sturdy. As it is more significant than another grill, you can quickly cook the meat the way you want. Moreover, depending on the model, you can fit up to 3 racks of protein.

Construction of Yoder pellet grills

Yoder uses a different approach while designing their grills. Yoder grills are usually quite bulky and have a heavy vibe. It uses ten gauges for the cooking chamber and 14 gauge steel for the main parts like hopper and cart casting.

The Yoder grills are pretty heavy, and even their most miniature model weighs around 341 lbs. However, the heavyweight makes the grills more durable, and it takes longer for rust to penetrate the main body.

Features that stand out in Traeger 

Most of the models in Traeger have a temperature control system that allows you to control the grill’s heat level easily. Besides, you can access the controllers directly on the grill or access via the Traeger app known as WiFIRE™. 

Furthermore, other unique features like ‘super smoke’ allow the smoke to linger around the smoker and enhance the flavor. Also, in some Traeger models, there are additional cooking modes such as ‘keep warm’ that allow you to enjoy warm steak.

Features that stand out in Yoder

Yoder will help you cook the perfect meat with its features like whistles and multiple bells. Moreover, it also has Wi-Fi integrated remote control on the grill, which you can access through FireBoard.

Yoder also has additional features like a ceramic firefighter, which helps the pellet grills ignite much faster. Besides, Yoder pellet grills offer other features like direct flame grilling and searing kits such as GrillGrates.

Temperature control: Traeger

Unique features in Traeger like the D2 Direct Drive system utilizes DC to change the speed and keep the grill temperature steady. Also, the TRU convection system enables you to cook food faster, whereas the TurboTemp system increases the grill’s cooking temperature. 

Moreover, the Traeger timberline models have other features such as the TRU convection system and TurboTemp system. The D2 PID (proportional-integral-derivative) is used to control temperature on some of its models. The D2 PID helps in maintaining consistent temperature while grilling a steak.

Temperature control: Yoder

Yoder provides superior efficiency, flexibility, and accuracy with its Adaptive Control System. It also uses intelligent controllers like the ‘S’ series microprocessor. This microprocessor helps control the temperature by monitoring several input variables like a door opening, cold meat placed on the grill, etc.

Additionally, the Yoder has its unique intelligent temperature controlling features, component testing capacities, and pit calibration. However, they lack some features of Traeger, such as the TurboTemp system and TRU Convection technology. 

Cleaning the Pellet Grills

Cleaning the grills after a barbeque session is always the worst part. However, both the pellet grills are relatively easy to clean. Traeger has an app that will notify you when the grills need cleaning. Hence, you can clean your grill after a couple of uses.

Both Traeger and Yoder have inbuilt grease features, making it easier to clean the pellet grills. The Timberline 850 also has a concealed grease management system that guides the grease to the grills, and so it is easy to clean. 


Yoder is the champion in terms of warranty as it provides ten years warranty in their entire model. The Yoder warranty includes three years warranty for the electronic control system and one year warranty for the igniter. On the other hand, the Traeger provides only a three-year warranty to its customers in every model. 


There cannot be a clear winner between Traeger and Yoder because both produce excellent pellet grills. However, I would say Traeger is the winner because they are more specialized for pellet smokers, and Yoder leans towards offset smokers. 

Besides, if you want smart features like TurboTemp systems, Super Smoke, and keep warm, Traeger is the right choice. However, the Yoder pellet grills are perfect for competition and temperature control cooking. Moreover, the ten years warranty in all Yoder models is a plus point.    

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