A Comprehensive Review of Weber SmokeFire EX4 and EX6

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It isn’t easy to talk about a new barbecue cooking device without mentioning the Weber. It is a reputable brand for the outdoor grill industry, which has been in the business since 1893. However, Weber has introduced its first pellet smoker in two models: SmokeFire EX4 and EX6. Weber’s introduction of the SmokeFire EX4 and EX6 was long-awaited, especially among the propane grill and pellet smoker community. 

If you want to know more about Weber pellet smokers, you have come to the right place. This write-up presents a comprehensive Weber pellet smoker review by discussing all the essential features and design. 


Before you continue reading this review, we recommend checking this video out.

It will help you break down the essential specifications and other aspects I will be discussing below. Firstly, you should note that the EX4 is the smaller model compared to the Weber EX6 model. As such, there will be considerable variation with the total cooking surface.

The EX6 features 360 square inches of upper rack and 648 square inches of lower grill rack. In contrast, the EX4 has 240 square inches of upper rack and 432 square inches of lower grill rack. Hence, there is a considerable gap between them when it comes to the total cooking area. So if you will be cooking for a large amount of food, then the EX6 will be the right choice.

Apart from this difference, these two units share the same features and capabilities.

Build Quality and Materials

When it comes to building quality and material construction, the Weber pellet smokers significantly stand out among its competitors. For instance, most of the components come with porcelain coating, which you will not find in low-quality pellet grills. The benefit of this feature is that it makes the cleaning very easy and enhances durability. Besides, the material used for making the handles and side shelf is stainless steel. 

However, the downside of the Weber EX4 and EX6 is that the cooking racks come with chrome-plated steel. Of course, this material is not harmful, but it is not as durable as high-quality stainless steel. Overall, Weber pellet smokers are worth their price.

Design of the Firepot and Pellet Auger

Auger jam is one of the main issues that many users experience with pellet grills. However, with Weber pellet smokers, you don’t need to worry about this problem. They resolve pellet auger blockages by using a shorter auger design. It further makes use of a fast DC powered vertical auger for dropping the pellets into the firepot. 

Additionally, Weber has separated the firepot and the pellet auger to prevent the risk of fire traveling into the hopper.

Rear Horizontal Pellet Hopper

Another essential feature that comes with both the EX4 and EX6 is the rear horizontal pellet hopper. Generally, most pellet smokers feature the pellet hopper at the side of the grill. But Weber has shifted the position of the pellet hopper to the back. The main reason for this change is because of the drop-down pellet auger design. 

Another essential feature of the pellet hopper is that it comes with a capacity of 22 pounds. So you don’t need to keep refilling the fuel constantly. Thanks to its integrated hopper chute. You can quickly change from one pellet flavor to another. 

600 Degrees Temperature and Flame Broiling

Another outstanding attribute of the Weber EX4 and EX6 comes with the maximum temperature, 600 degrees. It means you will be able to caramelize or sear any types of food on these pellet smokers. Nonetheless, you might think that this specification is relatively not adequate. But you should note that most pellet grills cannot reach around 400 to 500 degrees of maximum temperature.

The Weber EX4 and EX6 also come with a powerful fan, allowing your smoker to heat quickly. Another good thing about these pellet smokers is that you can flame broil your meat or vegetable.  

WiFi PID Controller with Smartphone App

This aspect is another essential feature that comes with the Weber pellet smoker models. Weber has included this feature to keep up with their competitors. With this feature, you can control your cooking process through your Smartphone. The display is monochrome.

Some Downsides of the Weber Pellet Smokers

Although Weber pellet smokers are high-quality cooking devices, they come with their disadvantages. Following are some essential specifications that need improvement:

Grease builds up in the base

This aspect is one of the cons of Weber EX4 and EX6. The reason is that they do not use a grease drip tray on both the models. But you should note that the elimination of grease drip tray allows you to flame broil or sear your food at high temperatures. As such, you need to clean these pellet smokers after every cook unless you want to experience grease fire issues.

Another problem related to the grease issue comes with the combustion fan. As mentioned, these pellet smokers feature a powerful fan that ensures the high cooking temperature. However, the downside is that the fan even blows most of the ashes towards the grease channels. Consequently, it turns the grease into more of a paste. Of course, you can resolve this issue by placing a grease tray under the cooking grates. But that’s not how the manufacturer designs them. 

Pellet sensor problem

Another downside of the Weber EX4 and EX6 comes with the pellet sensor. Weber has included the pellet sensor on the base of the hopper. Hence, it doesn’t provide a comprehensive readout. Of course, it can show you when the hopper has less amount of pellets. But it cannot make an accurate percentage of the remaining pellets in the hopper.


To sum up, the Weber pellet smokers come under the umbrella of high-quality cooking devices. They have all the essential features to make your grilling experience more fun. Nevertheless, both models have their pros and cons. So we cannot make a straightforward decision on whether these pellet smokers will be right for you. After all, we have our likes and dislikes. Hence, the choice is highly subjective. 

If you want to check out the products, you can click on here—Weber EX4 and Weber EX6.

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