Best Built-in Grills

If you enjoy grilling and barbecues, a built-in grill will enhance your cooking experience. Whether indoors or outdoors, it offers all-season cooking, endless versatile options, and personalization possibilities while offering effortless maintenance. 

This roundup review will take you through our top picks of the best built-in grills, and we will answer some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs), including:

  • How long do built-in grills last? 
  • Are built-in gas grills more expensive than freestanding models?
  • What are the benefits of owning a built-in gas grill?
  • Does the grill have individual and adjustable heat zones? 

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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Coyote Outdoor Living Portable Electric Grill

  • It is portable and easy to store
  • Easy cleanups
  • Durable stainless steel exterior
  • Ceramic temperature control grid for even heat distribution

The Coyote Portable Electric Built-in grill is a durably built versatile and portable device that enables efficient and smooth indoors or outdoors cooking. 

It has a stainless-steel exterior sturdily built to guarantee durability. It comes with a Teflon coating surface and a 1300 Watt heating component that can generate temperature up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Another great feature is a 60-minute timer that automatically shuts off for extra safety and a ceramic heat control grid that guarantees an even heat supply to cook your food perfectly.

What we like

High-grade stainless steel construction: It comes with an 18 gauge 304 stainless steel outer surface guaranteed to last for a long time.

Teflon-coated cooking surface: This built-in grill comes with 156 square inches of non-stick Teflon coating cooking surface with a 1300 Watt heating component that can provide up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Versatility and portability: This device allows you to grill outdoors or indoors by switching between built-in and freestanding installation as it comes with a detachable frame.

Assured safety: It features a surge protector with a 60-minute timer that automatically shuts off the device to prevent overcooking.


  • It is portable and easy to store
  • Easy cleanups
  • Durable stainless steel exterior
  • Ceramic temperature control grid for even heat distribution 


  • Cleaning the cooking grate may be a bit tricky.

How long do built-in grills last?

Ans: How long your built-in grill would last depends on your purchase model. Avoid buying from stores and go for renowned brands from leading manufacturers. You can quickly get replacement parts or a repair and customer support to guide you should you experience problems in the future.

Owning a built-in electric grill is a profitable investment worth your money, as it is designed to last for several years. 

The best built-in grills come with a high-quality design that can endure the harsh elements of nature apart from making your backyard admirable. Thus, it will save you from the hassles of maintenance, such as repairing and replacing broken parts. 

Most built-in grills come with high-grade stainless-steel construction and efficient heating components that guarantee durability and efficiency with reduced maintenance. The grills are designed using diverse materials such as cast iron, ceramic and non-stick aluminum on the surface and are durable, rust-resistant, and easy to clean.

Thus, getting a built-in grill is beneficial, and you will be amazed by how lasting it is and how efficient it continues to work as years go by. It is sturdy and made to stand the test of time. 

Are built-in gas grills more expensive than freestanding models?

Ans: Built-in grills are more expensive than freestanding models. 

So, why are built-in gas grills more expensive than freestanding models? It is so because built-in grills come with top features that deliver efficient power and guaranteed durability compared to freestanding models.

Another apparent reason may be that a built-in grill has heat-resistant and non-stick grates and burners made of premium materials, including stainless steel, ceramic, and chrome-finishing that looks appealing to the eyes than a stand-alone grill.

Unlike freestanding portable and cost-efficient models, getting a built-in grill involves having an adequate and suitable room to store and sufficient funds to set up the space. Regardless, you get a reliable and durable built-in grill that can withstand any wear and tear. 

Freestanding models are affordable and usually cost around a few hundreds to thousands, while in-built grills are costly and start from thousands onwards, although most high-end models could mean shedding extra bucks.

It’s a well-known fact that the more superior-quality the device is, the more pricey it will be because it reflects its longevity. So, the more you invest in the best built-in grill, the better and longer it will run through a significant amount of use. 

Freestanding grills are usually made from plastic materials and other corrosive metals, making them affordable. In contrast, a built-in grill comes with long-lasting materials that prevent any rust from corroding the specially-crafted grates.

What are the benefits of owning a built-in gas grill?

Ans: There are many benefits associated with having a built-in gas grill. Let’s look at some of them below.

It is customizable: You can customize a built-in grill based on your requirements. Unlike freestanding grills, where you have no options to modify as you can store it away after use, you can personalize a built-in grill by adding a dishwasher and drawers for storing kitchen accessories to complement the furnishings of your outdoor patio. 

Thus, with a built-in grill, you will have a mini-kitchen in the backyard that will look more appealing and elegant and make cooking even more convenient.

Adds value to your home: The stainless steel construction of your built-in grill is specially crafted to withstand the elements of nature. Even with years of practical use, it will last through the years, and you will get more than you paid for, thus adding more value to your home if you plan to sell your house in the future. 

Extends space for entertainment: Owning a built-in grill in your backyard is an added advantage when it comes to hosting house parties and other celebrations. It gives your guests ample space in your home to sit, enjoy and eat with convenience. 

In addition, you can also beautify your backyard and arrange seating for your guests. An open-air kitchen also lets you have fun moments with your friends and families, making your grilling party more relaxed and entertaining.

Durability: Undoubtedly, everyone needs a durable grill that can withstand any damage through the years. A built-in patio grill can resist extreme weather conditions, unlike stand-alone grills that get easily damaged by harsh natural elements even if you leave it in the open. 

Hassle-free maintenance: Its sturdy design and durable parts require less maintenance and frequent repairs. Unlike freestanding grills, a built-in grill saves you from the hassles of replacing the parts now and then. 

Furthermore, you save a lot of money and time, letting you enjoy outdoor cooking comfortably. Maintenance is easy, and you can perform the tasks with less effort.

Effortless cleaning: Unlike other charcoal and firewood models, a built-in grill allows effortless cleaning, which messes up the grill with ashes and debris. The stainless steel surface and the enamel finishing of the heat-resistant grates allow for easier cleanups after use. 

Does the grill have individual and adjustable heat zones?

Ans: All grilling devices, charcoal, gas, or electric grill, have individual and adjustable heat zones. You can separate the grilling exterior into two zones by applying different temperatures, high heat, and low heat, respectively.

You can adjust the heat zones (direct and indirect heat) by placing one part of the grill grates directly above the heat source and placing the other grill area away from direct heat. Making this heat adjustment ensures that your food will cook faster on the side with increased heat while the other dishes cook slowly on lower heat. 

Where to set up your Built-in Grill

Ans: You can set up your built-in grill at a secure place away from your home but not far enough for convenience and safety sake. The place you choose to set up your built-in grill shows your keen interest in outdoor cooking while keeping your house and your family safe by installing it in a secured location. 

It is recommended to place the built-in grill 10 feet away from any housing structure, including garages, tool sheds, or any area in your building that might catch fire.

Can you preheat electric grills?

Ans: Yes, electric grills can be preheated. Preheating is recommended to allow all-around heating. Ensure closing the lid when you preheat to retain the generated heat.  

Can all-electric grills be used indoors?

Ans: No, you cannot use all-electric grill models indoors. All built-in grills vary from each other depending upon the models and brands. While looking for the best built-in grills, ensure that it is suitable for indoor usage. Some electric grills may emit smoke even if they are electric. Also, consult your landlords before you install indoors.

Can I power up an electric grill using an extension cord?

Ans: Yes, you can use an extension cord to power up an electric grill, although it may not have the capacity to achieve maximum results, as it will supply less power compared to when you plug into the main power line.  

Go for an extension cord with a short length of wires and safely arrange all wires and connections as you operate on hot surfaces. It is vital to consider the length of the cables if you want to use an extension cord for your electric grill.  

Are electric grills easier to clean?

Ans: Cleaning electric grills is effortless, provided you go for non-stick types of equipment such as stainless steel. A stainless steel coating allows for a hassle-free cleaning process. 

One admirable thing about an electric grill is that, unlike other grills that use charcoal which messes up the device with ashes and debris, it has nothing to dispose of after use. All you need is to wipe the grate with a clean wet cloth. 

The Blaze Grills 12,000 BTU Built-in Stainless Steel LTE Single Side Burner is an excellent choice if you’re looking for smooth and convenient outdoor grilling. This natural gas-compatible grill has a 12,000 BTU brass burner with exceptional heat output.  

The grill comes with a stylish and sleek design with stainless steel construction that can withstand harsh weather conditions and is therefore highly durable and long-lasting. 

What we like

12,000 BTU brass burner: This high-powered 12,000 British Thermal Unit brass burner gives you an excellent heat output to perfectly grill your foods and make your backyard cooking fun and entertaining. 

Long-lasting Stainless Steel Structure: It comes with an enduring stainless steel body that can survive outdoor conditions through the years. Also, the detachable cover ensures the safety of the burner from extreme weather elements. 

Push-and-Turn Ignition: This feature allows the ignition of a steady flame with every push of the knob. 

Natural gas compatibility: An exceptional feature of this grill is that it is compatible with natural gas.


  • Solid and firm burner construction
  • Effortless cleanups
  • Value for money


  • The lid may be a bit flimsy.

The Kenyon Texan Built-in Electric grill is a massive device with two separate heat controls to grill at two different temperatures simultaneously. The split cover design allows you to cook your food simultaneously on one side while keeping the other covered to retain heat.

What we like

Dual heating capacity: The two 1500 Watt heating elements allow for faster heating up to 600 degrees within 10 minutes. It comes with a timer that automatically shuts off for added safety.

Stainless steel Construction: It comes with high-grade stainless steel that is non-corrosive and rust-resistant, thus extending the grill’s life.

Approved for indoor and outdoor useYou can keep the grill in your kitchen and use it conveniently or set it up outdoors since it is durable enough to withstand all-season weather conditions.


  • Dual heat zones for two different grilling
  • Efficient grilling
  • Water-resistant touch controls
  • Easy to clean


  • Relatively small for a more considerable number of guests

The Kenyon electric grill lets you grill your foods free from the fuss of smoke and dangers of open flames. It is sturdy with a high-grade 304 stainless steel surface with electronic and waterproof touch controls for temperature settings. 

With a 500 degree Fahrenheit temperature, it perfectly grills your food and automatically shuts down after it reaches the desired temperature.  

What we like

Marine-grade 304 stainless steel body:  This electric grill comes with a rust-proof and water-resistant stainless steel body and non-stick surface for effortless cleaning.  

Smoke-free, no flare-ups: It is exceptionally designed to prevent flare-ups while delivering a smoke-free heat source. 

Heat-resistant lid: Its insulated cover is detachable, easy to clean, and prevents accidental burns. 


  • High-quality design and materials
  • Smoke-free grilling
  • Water-resistant touch control panel
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Three-year warranty


  • It may be a bit costly.

The Kenyon No Lid Electric Grill is perfect for your kitchen and backyard lawn. It has a sleek design with a touch control panel to guarantee correct heat settings in the process of grilling. 

What we like

Stainless Steel Construction: This built-in electric grill by Kenyon comes with a durable and high-grade stainless steel body that guarantees durability. The grill grate has a non-stick coating for effortless washing and is dishwasher-safe.

Efficient grilling: It has a 1300 Watt that produces temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit to grill your foods efficiently in just ten minutes.


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Sturdily built with stainless steel body
  • Perfect for use indoors and outdoors
  • Effortless cleaning


  • Some may not prefer the no-lid design.


This list contains the top-rated built-in electric grills from renowned brands that are efficient enough to grill food perfectly indoors or outdoors. Our top pick is the Outdoor Living Portable Electric Grill, 18 Inch Built-in Grill with Ceramic Flavorizer

It is not only durable, cost-effective, portable, but it also provides faster, more efficient, and even grilling that you will never forget.