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Hey, Pitmasters! What is up? Today, we’re gonna be smoking beef ribs.

So, as always, the first thing that we’re going to do is fire up a barbecue. Now, we’re going to smoke our beef ribs on the Big Joe. This is the way we set it up, the last time. Now we’re going to change it into the smoking set up.

I’m taking out the cast iron grill grate. Now, I’m going to check to see if I have enough charcoal.

I can see that now I have sufficient airflow. Now we’re also going to take out the ashtray. We’ll add some charcoal, and I’m using Big Block. Let’s look at that, right out of the bag, Big Block. And now we’re going to fire up our barbecue.

Now to smoke these beef ribs, we’re going to add some hickory. I got a nice chunk here: good size, this size, and we’re going to put it in our heat source. We’ll put the deflector plate on, and a grill grate.

Now, at this point, I want to make sure that my grill grate is clean, so I’m taking a wire brush clean it up, and then some paper towel olive oil to clean up that grill grate, making sure that we don’t have any ash or dust on our grill grate. And as you can see, that was not unnecessary.

Now, we’ll close the lid and let our barbecue come up to a temperature of a 140 °C.

Now, before we continue with our meat, I got a little package. So I guess it’s meal time. Let’s open it up.

Check that out! Sauces, Dollie Sauces. So it’s from Jeffrey’s trader, Dollie Foods. Thank you for sending them all for me, brother. I’ll definitely give them a try.

Now, before we get this meat out, and I know you guys are gonna love this meat, we’re going to prepare some black pepper, because we need a lot of black pepper. I’m just gonna take some, put it in my coffee grinder, because we’re wanna have coarse black pepper, we grind it down ourselves. Just to get it to the size that we want to have it.

Look at that. That’s absolutely perfect for our smoked ribs.

We can already see through the package that the marbling is fantastic. And that’s just is called Jacob’s Ladder. It’s Irish Sherwood, grass-fed beef. We had this beef before. It wasn’t tri-tip and it was so tender and so delicious, so I’m really excited about this.

Just gonna drive some of the fluids. We’re going to clean this up. We got a little bit of silver skin here that we’re taking off. So if you look at these beef ribs, they’re absolutely gorgeous.

We got a big fat cap on top. So we’re going to take off the fat cap, because we’re going to smoke it. If you weren’t smoking it and were going to do it asado style, you definitely want to keep that fat cap on, score it, and put on some salt. That’s gonna taste amazing. But in this case, we’re taking it off.

You can see here that there’s a hard cut of fat here. We’re not going to cut it down because it goes all the way down to the bone. We’re just gonna leave that on. Otherwise, we’re left with nothing on that part.

So, we’ll clean this up a little bit and then we’re ready to go.

I’m taking a Ziploc bag and I’m putting in all this good stuff. Maybe I’m gonna put it in the freezer just to save it for another day.

We’ll put on a little bit of olive oil just to make sure that the salt and pepper will stick to the meat. There’s another big chunk of fat down here. We’re gonna take that off as well.

So, now we’ll put on salt, because this is a big chunk of meat. We can use a lot of salt to make that beef flavor pop. Flip her over.

And the sides as well.

Now, we’re going to put on our pepper, and we want a liberal dose of black pepper.

It looks absolutely gorgeous. Now, it’s time to put her on the grill.

Open up our smoker. She goes in. And we’ll say goodbye to her for at least five to six hours.

After two hours, I added a chunk of smoked wood. Now, we’re at four hours and I just checked the temperature and we were up to 90 °C, so we’re getting close to that mark that we want to reach, 92 °C. So, now, we’re gonna probe for tenderness and see if it’s done.

Wow. That looks absolutely gorgeous. So what I mean by probe tender is we take a thermometer and we’re not looking at the temperature gauge, but just feeling it.

You know, there’s the silver skin at the bottom between the bones, which is really hard. And if you can put your probe where I threw it, it’s done.

Also, we’re checking on the top. It should be buttery stuff and that’s just we’re right where we are.

This is done. We can get it off the grill, wrap it in foil, wait for an hour, and then we’re ready to slice into it.

Now we’re getting it out and put it on our tinfoil. There we go.

What a gorgeous piece of meat. Put it in a tinfoil. Gorgeous.

And then say goodbye. We’re going to eat one hour later.

Now if this was a cold day, I would put it in a cooler box to keep it there for an hour. But now, I’m just gonna keep it in my tinfoil, set it aside; one hour later we’re good to eat it.

Final moment is here. The beef ribs have been rested and they’re still hot.

So, we’re going to unwrap this. I’m so curious to see how good they are. Look at that. Look at that. That is freaking amazing. Absolutely gorgeous.

Look at these beef ribs. Absolutely gorgeous. Look, at how juicy the outside bark is. That fat that rendered out, ho-ho! This is going to be amazing.

Well, let’s not wait any longer. Get out the super slicer and it slice into this.

Take a look at this. Take a look at this. 

We got a beautiful smoke ring on the outside. Nice, red. Nice bark on it. Crunchy, but still leave it moist. Absolutely gorgeous.

This is a dream come true. So we’re going to slice into this right on the fat line. Spice this up.

Let’s take one of these out and do a quick taste test.

Beef ribs are easy to make and it tastes fantastic. Let’s smoke flavor to go with the beef salt and pepper. What more is it that you need to do to this? It’s absolutely fantastic. Maybe, you can have a great sauce to go with it, but I like my beef ribs like this.

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Until next time, keep on grilling.

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