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Often referred to as boneless top chuck steak, flatiron, or book steak, among other names, flat iron steak is a type of cut of meat derived from the shoulder region of the animal. It can be obtained from any four-legged animal, but the best ones come from large critters. 

This is because the cut is derived from a blade roast’s top and bottom within the shoulder blade. If this muscle stretch is smaller than a big deer, making a great flat iron steak is too short. The best flat iron cuts come from cows, but they can also come from giant deer or elk. 

One of the reasons flat iron steak is ordinary among BBQ-lovers is that it is the second tenderest meat on the cow after filet mignon, commonly known as the tenderloin. However, the perfect comparison should be as tender as the ribeye (backstrap), but the flat iron is still one of the tenderest cuts of meat, and it is perfect for BBQ. 

Tips for Grilling Flat Iron Steak 

  • Since it is a lean steak, you should make sure it is cool before placing it on a hot grill, unlike the thick ribeye, which should be at room temperature—grilling it while cold prevents the steak from overcooking as you wait for those sought-after grill marks. 
  • Rub it with salt in the morning before cooking. Just give it a dusting of salt and allow it to take in the salt while you are at work. 
  • Don’t be afraid to marinate it, and since it is narrow, the flat iron is an ideal contestant for a marinade. 
  • Make sure your grill is sizzling hot before tossing your flat iron steak on the grates. Wood is an ideal fuel for grilling this steak though charcoal and gas are also perfect candidates. You can use scraps of dry woods and charcoal. Avoid any conifers. 
  • Also, make sure your grates are super-clean before grilling.
  • Oil your grates before putting the steak on. Rub the steak with oil too. 
  • Grill the steak for around five minutes and then flip it to the other side. Decide which side you want your meat to have those nice-looking grill marks.
  • Once it is properly cooked, place it on a plate and let it cool for five minutes as you rub black pepper or any other spice you like. 

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