BBQ Affair? Guide to Ultimate BBQ Spots in Louisiana!

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Louisiana is a state with a bountiful supply of cattle, and where there are cattle, there’s BBQ! When a delicious BBQ dinner’s on your mind? With choices aplenty in Louisiana, a BBQ aficionado is always bound to get lost.

No more will you walk out a BBQ joint unsatisfied as our pitmasters have compiled an ultimate guide of their favorite hotspots, places that will ensure you get your money’s worth. Whether you are born and bred in Louisiana or a tourist who’s just visiting, this is a guide that will help you distinguish the exceptional from the good!

Best BBQ Places in Louisiana 

Looking for places where each time you feast, you end up with a smoky succulent BBQ? With countless choices available in Louisiana, it becomes a tough task to find a BBQ spot that hits the sweet spot. Follow this compelling guide devised by our seasoned pitmasters and have your work cut out by an established guide that helps you distinguish the best from the rest.

#1: Eddie’s Smokehouse and Seafood (Alexandria)

An all-round pithouse, Eddie’s Smokehouse and Seafood is famous for both its barbeque and seafood. Get your choice of beef, ribs, turkey, chicken, seafood or sausage with a plentiful side menu of corn on the cob, fried okra, onion rings, and much more. And what’s more? Eddie’s is renowned for its kid-friendly menu!

#2: Pimanyoli’s Smokehouse Café (Baton Rouge)

Pimanyoli’s Smokehouse Café in Baton Rouge has garnered a legion of barbeque aficionados throughout the state due to its exemplary taste. Famous for its 21 ingredients sauce, a unique combination that will leave you begging for more. When in Pimanyoli’s, you can’t miss out on its great ambiance. When done with your meal, forget not to try their famous Apple Cobbler dessert. With slow music in the background and lavish interiors, the only negative we found in this great place is, it isn’t open on Sundays!

#3: Grayson’s BBQ (Clarence)

Leaving behind a trail of satisfied customers, Grayson’s Barbeque is a third-generation family-owned business established in 1959. Grayson’s Barbeque is the place to find authentic Southern barbeque. With established pitmasters, Grayson’s serve their meat that is cooked slowly ensuring maximum retention of flavor. A social media darling, people leave this place raving!

#4: The York Chop (Coushatta)

The York Chop located in Coushatta is one of the lesser renowned gems of the barbeque world. Operates seven days a week and serves some of the greatest barbeque meat cuts, what more can you ask for? With ambiances like home and courteous staff, The York Chop is a joint not to be missed!

#5: Big Mike’s BBQ Smokehouse (Houma)

Big Mike’s Barbeque Smokehouse is a stop where there is always barbeque for hungry souls. Slow-cooked briskets smoked for over 18 hours at the least to pack the flavors’ in a punch of succulent goodness. Also famous for its chicken and ribs, there really shouldn’t be a reason for you to not visit this great joint. Big Mike’s is an award-winning family-owned restaurant that lives to serve the best of barbeque worlds. Head over there to gobble in a few pounds of smoky succulent briskets!

#6: Lil’ Daddy’s BBQ (Lafayette)

Lil’ Daddy’s Barbeque is the spot of choice for a legion of barbeque aficionados throughout the stateThe pitmasters at Lil’ Daddy’s know how to cook up great barbequed meat because they know you can’t rush flavor. With a wide menu of ribs, tender succulent briskets, and chicken, you’ll be spoilt for choices. Famous for its specialty house sauce that’s finger-licking good, get there early, to savor the barbeque experience of a lifetime. 

#7: McClure’s Barbeque (New Orleans)

McClure’s Barbeque will be your new favorite barbeque joint, a place famous for its signature barbeque sauce. Indulge in a variety of barbeque meats that are styled in the ways of Carolina, St-Louis, and Texas. McClure’s Barbeque is the kind of joint for which your taste buds will thank you later!

#8: The Joint (New Orleans)

If the thought of slow-cooked beef brisket, chicken, sausage, and ribs make your mouth salivate, then you visit The Joint in New Orleans to satisfy your cravings. With a great selection of sides that range from Coleslaw, Mac & Cheese and Baked Beans, you can’t leave for home on an empty stomach!

#9: Cou-Yon’s BBQ (Port Allen)

Cou-Yon’s BBQ is a craving satisfying joint located in Port Allen. Indulge in house favorite cajun spiced meats ranging from briskets, chopped beef, ribs, seafood, sausage, turkey, pulled pork, and much more. Awarded Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor, this barbeque joint is the best in the country. Gather here for an evening full of joy and leave with satisfied taste buds. What’s more, you ask? It’s open 7 days! 

#10: Hickory Stick (Shreveport)

With a policy of keeping it simple, Hickory Stick in Shreveport offers delicious food. Famous for its illustrious history, generous helpings, and courteous staff, Hickory Stick is without a shadow of doubt unique in its ways. Apart from the barbeque, you can try their famous Cuban sandwich and get ready to get dazzled!

Time to Relish!

In Louisiana and looking for a BBQ spot? Your qualms will be settled by following this ultimate guide compiled by our seasoned pitmasters. It’s an answer to all your prayers when it comes to great barbequed meats because these spots don’t rush things. Furthermore, these spots make it a priority to couple their facilities into an unforgettable experience for you and your family!

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