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Barbecues can still be a blast without involving meat. Vegetarians should also have fun at BBQ parties in the summer. Thankfully, grilling has a way of bringing out the flavors of all sorts of food, from fresh fruits and veggies to pizzas, tofu, and cheese.

For vegetarians in the room, try these fantastic yet simple vegetarian grilling recipes to convince carnivores to shift to veggie. 

Let’s get started.

Grilled watermelon mint salad 

credit: Jeff Roffman

Watermelons are usually a common ingredient in most outdoor BBQ parties. The grilled watermelon mint salad takes this typically sweet and juicy fruit to the grates for a quick sear. Once the fruit is grilled, it is chopped and placed in a sweet sauce with chopped mint to a nice, flavorful makeover that everyone at the party will enjoy as a side dish or a light dessert. 

Vegetarian Mushroom Burger with Guacamole 


Portobello mushrooms are a great and ideal healthy veggie burger recipe for vegetarian BBQ. It involves topping grilled Portobello mushrooms with cool guacamole and yogurt sauce. If you are a non-diary, you can leave out the yogurt sauce or swap it with a coconut mike yogurt or non-dairy soy milk. 

Grilled Tomato Soup 

Making a tomato soup on a grill? Yes, it is possible, but the tip is to allow the grill to flavor your tomato rather than blenching them in boiling water. You will also need some olive oil, garlic, and caramelized onions in addition to fresh tomatoes. 

This grilled tomato soup is packed with flavor and can be served chilled or hot.

Grilled Paneer Kebabs 

Paneer Kebabs are a typical BBQ dish for vegetarians. They are delicious, and even some carnivores would find themselves smacking their lips and wanting more. Paneer is a native Indian white cheese and is very popular in a curry as a substitute for fish or meat, but it can also stand on its own as a dish with a delicious spicy marinade. 

Grilled Apple Crisp 

Credit: Oklahoma Joe’s

You will need some sliced peeled tart apples, oats, brown sugar, and all-purpose flour, some cinnamon, ground nutmeg, cold butter as well as some ground cloves to make a crisp apple on your grill. 

Super easy to make, grilled apple crisps consist of two parts – the crumb topping, the crisp detail, and the apple filling. The crispy part comprises flour, oats, sugar, and butter, which sets it apart from desserts like a cobbler. 

Note: This recipe can be made gluten-free. Just find any gluten-free flour on the ratio of 1:1. 

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